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Bowdown before DOOM

Doctor Doom – Marvel Legend Icons Series (12 inch)
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin: Marvel Universe

Victor von Doom, the one and only super villain with a political immunity, cause he lead that that small European country, the Latveria,sweeeeet…

one of the most favorite villains from the Marvel Universe, Hasbro released him again in a different format bigger han the regular 6 inch

this Icons series stand for 12 inch tall, with a rather nice articulation and great details

the most interesting details about this figure is his cloth cape, the Lugger looks alike gun and the facial details beneath his eyes area of the mask, pretty nice details for a common action figure

but, there are two downer for me, the fist one is the eyes shape on his mask…maybe I’m the one who forget, but doesn’t he has a rectangular eye  holes in his mask within the comic and not a rounded cat eyes like?

the second one is his pointy tip of the cape, he looks more like a person wearing DUNCE hat when I displayed him on the corner of my cabinet -_-’

we really should adjust his cape a lot to get the best aura to come out of his head

overall, this one is a nice addition to any super villain fans , especially considering this one is a common figure that could be grab easily in the store’s shelves

Sailing Solo

Lego System 1991
Renegade’s Raft NO 6234

I’m collecting only the Lego System line, especially the Pirates, Castle and Space series
do have some Lego systems and Bionicle, but only a couple

this one here is my first Lego ever, one of my childhood toys
so, he got the honor to show up first
thanks God he’s still in a good condition, just like the way he was

too bad I lost the box, but here’s one picture to give us a nostalgic memory about those wonderful vintage graphic on Lego’s boxes back then

arrrr mateeeey, where’s that frickin’ shark??

Garuru – Happy Meal Toys

Origin Series : Keroro Gunso (Sergeant Frog)
Mc Donald’s Happy Meal toys

got this one from McDonald’s happy meal set last year
the Keroro Gunso (Sergeant Frog) seri is a pretty neat one, the quality’s actually the same as the one that they gave in Japan

my girl got the whole complete set, which contains 8 characters
I just took this Giroro’s bad ass brother since I haven’t got any figure of him before
the toy itself got their own special feature, this Garuru one only got a wing flapping feature
but no biggie, the figure details already make it worthwhile, especially the facial details and the pink transparent wing it got!!

Where the Weirdest Things are

Knight and Hork
Manufacturer: Medicom
Original series: Evirob by Kidrobots

a rather unique urban character, original designed by the Kidrobots in 2000 or 2001, kinda forget
this characters got their own comic strip in a Japanese fashion magazine, Right’s On
very interesting story, unique character and great design

the only things here, I don’t really like the design of the main character, so I just bought some minor character from the 2nd series that I liked the best, Knight and Hork!!
still missing Spike from this series, always wanted that purple guy… maybe some other time

Datsun Bluebird 510

Datsun Bluebird 510 color variants
Manufacturer : Hotwheel

Datsun,the late 60′s legendary car for those who liked Japanese cars
one of the most famous Japanese cars in the US market, this one is surely made it’s own legend

when Hotwheels announced that they are going to produce this baby in the last year (2009), surely I want em!!
but, when they released it in three different color variantios… aaaaaw, c’mon now guys…
it’s feel like another money milking scheme for the collector pockets

but I still wanted all three variants ;p
um, actually the only reasons I bought all three was each of them I found with a standard price on the shelves
ye sirreee sir, I got all of them from the shelves, lucky me, there was a time when these babies were sought by everyone, then the price was kinda skyrocketing

still, the Blue one is the best one IMO

Tomica Mitsuoka

(from left to right)
Mitsuoka ViewT, Mitsuoka Orochi, Mitsuoka Le Seyde
Manufacturer : Tomica

Mitsuoka!! my favourite Japanese cars manufacturer!!
they really got some attitude, just look at those radicals car designs…
and they don’t come cheap either

I am a fan of this company
especially since the first time I laid my eyes on a purple Mitsuoka Orochi displayed in a small park in Kyoto when I was in a high school
planning to get one of my own, but seems that is just a dream for me ^^’
collecting the scale model of these cars already been a pleasure for me…

hope that Tomica would also produce the limited edition of Orochi, which is the Kabuto!! basically, it is an Orochi with a different color scheme, all gold and black, woahohohohow…

Pilot’s Day Off

Lunamaria Hawke – RAH DX
Original Series : Gundam SEED Destiny
Manufacturer : Megahouse

Lunamaria, the mini skirted pilot… this female pilot became one of the most popular female character in the gundam universe
this ain’t the best PVC there is in the world, but for me, this RAH DX version is the best version of her ever

love the details in her pilot suit being took off, the shadow colors are just great
she came with a standbase and helmet that could be put on her head, I prefer to hang it up in her hand while she change the pilot suit to her daily cloth


Rei Ayanami Neko Poyoyon version
Manufacturer : Sega Prize

female characters are dominated almost half of my collection, and this blue haired gloomy girl is my most favourite female characters all the time

the thing about her is, there are too many version of her, but funs to catch up ;)

as everyone already know, Rei Ayanami and Soryuu Asuka are two original female pilot from a legendary Japanese 90′s mecha series, Neon Genesis Evangelion

I will add a lot of her version later, but for now, this little cute cat will open first
one of the most interesting Sega Prize items ever made, the Neko Poyoyon sereis, rather cheap and a common item
she came with a standard base and a water bowl filled with milk
if you are a big fans of Rei, you should got this ultra cute version :3

Dare to be Different

Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom and Scopedog normal
Original series : Votoms
Manufacturer : K-T Figures (Kaiyodo Takara)

anyone into this Japanese classic real robot series?
the catch here is, this mecha series looks so realistic, almost all of it’s fans are hardcore military gimmick fans as well
the TV series aired in Japan in the 80′s

the Red Shoulder is a custom unit which got more “possess” than the normal one

this dudes came from a trading figure series made by KT Figures, with a neat features:

the cockpit could hatch and give us a really detailed view of the pilot and the cockpit itself

a real beauty
small, but got an unique feature and great details, must have for mecha fans!!

Anthony’s Squad

Anthony Carmine SDCC Exclusive and COG Soldier ver 2.0
Manufacturer : NECA
Original series : Gear of Wars

always love to make another army building set, heheh…

missed the first version of the COG soldier, kinda hard to find here in my country… so,I planned to get a couple of these guys when NECA announced to release the other version (the 2.0), got em for a decent price, around 15 bucks each

these guys came with a pair of weapons,one of them is a new one, the shotgun that only Anthony has from the first series

oh, for Anthony himself, I got him for a great price!!

as a discounted items in one of the stand in one of Jakarta’s big Toys event, got him for only 20 USD, the original price was 80 because it is a limited item

for those who curious about the differences between this limited figure than the COG soldier ver 1.0, Anthony’s got a different helmet and body armour, that are the most noticeable differences

nice one, loooove the bulky appearance, the armor details and the marking
the only downer for me is the color of the armor, it should be more metallic blue, but maybe that just me

well, at least I could always remember him this way,just like the photos told me, about his boldness and courage, rather than the silly sniper and helmet incident -_-’