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Modern Stealth Planes

From the top, clockwise
B-2 Spirit (Matchbox Sky Buster), BlackBird (Maisto Tailwinds), F22 raptor (Maisto Tailwinds), F-117 Nighthawk (Maisto Tailwinds)

stealth planes, it means that these flying war machine could not be detected by the radar
kinda sneaky huh? but I loves the design of these modern high tech machines

there are many types of Stealth Planes for many purposes, but we could simply divide them into two main categories, the fighters and the bombers, just like the regular warplanes
the most well known stealth fighter is the F22 Raptor and for the bombers, off course the B-2 Spirit (picture above)

I just collected some of the most famous one, tend to expand my collection into more unique and rare one, but seems that only limited models of these war machine has been produced, and those manufacturer tend to released almost mainstream planes such as Nighthawk, Spirit and the Raptor

really wished I could got a model of my most favorite stealth plane, the Horten 229 of the Germany

it was the earliest stealth technology plane ever made during the end of the second World War
fantastic design + ambitious dream equal magnificent technology leap in those era

Heavily Armored

Hulkbuster Ironman
Manufacturer: Toybiz Marvel Legend series XI (Legendary Rider)
Origin: Marvel

Tony had to build this bulky armor in order to handle a raging green dude, the HULK!!

the suit already introduced in some of the comic series and also within a video game’s storyline,it got a lot of minor differences among the developed designs in those different series, but this one is my favorite

Toybiz really made this armor to be one of their masterpiece product
it’s heavy,it’s bulky and it got great details, including a special feature of opening hatch where we could say hi to good ol’ drunken Tony ;p
the armor finishing color also splendid, real red gloss, like a chunk of metal

I tend to make the picture above as a scene where this mean machine activated for the first time and producing a lot of hot steam around him, but seems that I’m kinda failed ^^’
we couldn’t see the steam around him very well, actually I’m using lot of dried ices to make those steam effect, but my camera failed to capture the whole detailed, oh well…

I’m planning to purchase the Bowen statue version if I got a bonus or somethin this year, so maybe next time I’ll try again

Seras, the Draculina

Seras Victoria (Celes Victoria)
Manufacturer: Yamato
Origin: Hellsing

Seras, a female police who became a draculina (female dracula) after being bitten by Allucard in Hellsing series

in case you don’t know bout the series, it’s a great spin of vampire story in a modern setting, where Draculas roam the earth, become enemy of the Church, and then the Church itself make a special force of anti vampire troops to wipe em all.. and our hero within that troops is a vampire himself!!
you just reversed “Dracula” word, then you got yourself a bad ass – not so good hero of the series: Alucard!
he met with a dying ultra cute British police woman who ready to devote herself for him, and there you go.. the beginning of the story

I really like this character, but not when she acts very annoying which usually happen a lot in the anime/tv series

this SF EX series from Yamato is a great representative of her other, or we could say her serious and horrifying draculina form
the design of her left arm is really cool! more like a gothic doodling design that really match her wine colored uniform that she wear
only problem is, Yamato provided us with a small horizontal stand base that couldn’t really support her broad slash heavy left arm, which make this figure bend a little to the front

oh yeah,
they also produced a repaint version of this series, with pink hair and white uniform, definitely I’m not crazy bout that!! that color scheme really make her looks less “dark” or serious, one of the worse color variant ever in my opinion, nuff said

Retro Tanks

Tank Tin Toys – 3 variant colors

heheh, bought these cuties in an independence day bazaar years ago

kinda cheap, but really worth the price ^^b
first of all, they are tin toys a.k.a made of metal, then the conveyor also made of rubber, there are three color variants, and the best part is: it is a wind up toy, just like the usual tin toy

not sure about the manufacturer, probably it is a product of China
only cost around 5 dollar for three of  ‘em, great price for somethin looks that retro

Little Duchess

Drossel – Capoeira Ver
Manufacture: Takara Tomy ARTS
Origin: Fireball

she became an unique addition for every Japanese figurine fans

female robot princess who (maybe which) became the main character of a CGI film series created by TOEI and Disney
first time I saw her was when Max Factory released her in the Figma line, and like everybody else, I’m curious bout this long named character…

to tell the truth, I’ve never watch Fireball before, just a glimpse on several of her episode
took this gashapon only because I thought it has great details, and I was right!! the details are just great!!

for 400 yen, you got a magnificently detailed gashapon that has lot of articulation, plenty panel lines, transparent eyes and separate button panels that would drive you crazy!!! ^^’

okay,the articulation…it’s great!! almost every joint has simple articulations; the neck, hands, hip, legs, feet and even her palms!! they got a simple articulation between the main finger to pose her palm open or close

two points that became a downer for me:
first, the gashapon machine itself is really hard to find!! I only found one in Den-Den Town Osaka near Melon Books when I visited my family around two months ago
they usually sold her in plastic package with mark up price, luckily I got her Capoeira form for 435 yen in Hero Gangu, not bad…
and the second downer is, the button panels that you should assemble by yourself, just like CM’s Project Patlabor chogokins, but it waaaay smaller, took me an hour to set them properly using pin set, dude!! that was frustrating

there are four variants in this gashapon line, Original Drossel, Flight Unit, Prayer (Wheel) Unit and Capoeira Unit (pictured above)
here is the gashapon information paper

Brig’s Prisoner

Lego System 1991
Broadside’s Brig – NO 6259

my most played Lego set, this is the first fortress type set in the Pirates series that I got back then

this set is a lot of fun!!
I always imagines some pirates attacked this Brig to free their friend held in there

actually, this set only came with 3 minifigs, one pirates, one imperial officer, and an imperial soldier, I just added another one in this photo

Purple Unicorn

Zeta Karaba (Amuro Ray’s)
Trading Figure – STANDart 4th series
Manufacturer : Bandai, designed by Volks
Origin : Gundam 0087 Green Divers (Gundam Evolve 9th)

It’s Zeta Gundam with a different color scheme, called the Zeta Karaba!
Karaba, like AUEG, is an organization which opposed the supremacy of the Titans in the early UC series (Zeta timeline)
but unlike AUEG, Karaba’s operation scope limited only within the Earth

the best part is…Amuro Ray, one of the UC legend (beside my hero Char ;) ) become one of Karaba’s member
and this Zeta unit, which could only be seen in short CGI films called the Green Divers, is his ride

once I heard that this color variant is in the forth STANDart series, I jumped to the nearest hobby store only to bought this one…
those Volks guys could really spiced up the original design, A LOT!!
just looks at the magnificent details and the bulky design

the only downer is, like all of the STANDart line, the figure is small, really small -_-’
barely stand for 3 inch tall, almost at the same size as the Bandai
Gundam gashapon line
they really should make a bigger one for this Volks’ masterpiece

oh, it doesn’t came with that hangar, I just used an old model kit set of Hasegawa’s Maccross for that shot ^^’


Power Girl
Origin: DC Universe – Superman

Power Girl…she’s a Super Girl on steroid for me ^^’
I love her design, especially her….bob blond hair (aw c’mon guys, it doesn’t mean I don’t like THAT part)
but seriously, I’m kinda fell in love with bob haired characters, especially when they got a great custom design, like her red-white-and blue combination, just perfect!!!

like I’ve said before, she’s the Super Girl of Earth Two in Infinite Earth series of DC Universe

I don’t have all of her versions, still missing the DC Universe 6 and 3 inch version, the 13 inch Collector Edition, Nightwing armour, and of course, her full body statue from DC Direct… well, there’s still time to catch up!!

if you asked me which one’s my favourite, the Minimates and the Bust version are

Reiko Figumate

Reiko Hinomoto – Figumate Red ver.
Manufacturer: Konami
Origins: Rumble Rose video game

here’s Reiko, the famous character from Rumble Rose – an all female professional wrestling game jammed with whole lot of fan services ^^

the Figumate is a trading figure line produced by Konami, it’s not really a super deformed (SD) version of a character, but more likely a cuter or moe version of them, more like the Pinkyst concept maybe…

the figure it self’s kinda great, it got detailed paint job, even Reiko’s mole in her upper left chest is there!
she had a variant color, the white alternate costume

Three Bunnies

Suzumiya Haruhi Bunny Girl ver – all color variants
Origins: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (Melancholy)

wai, three bunnies
there are a black one, a white one and a red one, cuteeee :3

ahem, this is actually a girl in a bunny suit, and the girl is an otaku Diva that took over animes world in 2008-2009, Suzumiya Haruhi
I think her popularity is beyond boundaries, many people in the states know her very well

started as a light novel in 2003 or 2004 (kinda forget), this series became a huge BOOM within anime and otaku world

they introduce the characters into various costume within the series, such as cheerleader, maid, gothic loli, etc, but this one is my personal favorite!!
I should hand it over to this series, they could really make the bunny suit became popular event outside the pub ^^’
the series actually rekindle my love for Bunny Suit that has been long gone

well, here’s the three famous color variants, I bought each of them in different forms (PVC, trading figure, Figumate), so i don’t need to collect three in each line X D
probably, I’ll do a single review for each of the items in the picture later