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Haro Collection

Haro Collection
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Series (Kidou Senshi Gundam)

Haro, lovable mascot from the Gundam series
date back from the first Gundam series time line until the more modern one, this rounded shape robot always make lot of appearances

with its cute limited speech/tagline and flapping ear-like hatch, it become a very popular mascot to the Sunrise’s masterpiece series

originally, Haro was built by Amuro Ray, a legendary pilot who’s also the first known New Type pilot
notice his present in the series’ early show?
remember Amuro’s room? the one with many electronic gizmos and gadgets, yupe…it’s right there, rolling behind Amuro and his desk

Bandai release a trading figure series especially for this mascot, where it got many color scheme variations…almost TOO many ^^’ I’m just collecting some to keep remember this mascot

this trading figure come with a stand base, which is very crucial cause Haro itself is rounded shape, almost impossible to be able to stand by itself
and also it got a nice feature, you could actually open the ear-like hatch and see some nice details in there

oh, the big pink one way in the back is actually a gashapon case, made by Megahouse to store some of their Gundam characters gashapon

Mystery Car JAPAN

Mystery Car Hotwheels series – Japanese version
Manufacturer: Mattel

picked up this die cast on one of my midnight stroll round Tokyo, I was kinda surprise to find the Toys R Us is still open around 12 am in the morning there,maybe there was a midnight sale or somethin

Mattel released this “blind case” series in Japan, maybe because the market already used to this kind of concept, like the gashapon or trading figure random item concept

I never actually open to see which car do I get!! and this is the only one that I bought with the change money in my pocket, very nostalgic to me…

Here are the cars lineup within the back reference card

like everyone, I wanted the green Volkswagen Beetle
but I haven’t open it yet, and possibly never

well, maybe those guys are right
some things are better be unknown ^^’

Space Yoko R-Style

Yoko Littner – Space Outfit
R-Style Trading Figure
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Gurren Laggan

Gurren Laggan, another futuristic mecha based story from Gainax, heheh, I love that studio
those guys could really satisfied the fans with their character designs,
take Rei, Asuka or Mari for an example

and now, what more could a gun lover wanted than a beautiful red haired girl who wears hot pants and bikini on top wielding that sniper riffle? ohohohoooow, sweeet…

I’m a big fans of sniper riffles myself, especially when it is use in a right way by a hot lady
Victoria Celes, Riza Hawkeye, Sniper Wolf… they are some of my favorite female characters, and in 2007, we got Yoko Littner

I’ll scoop my other Yoko figures later, cause this one is my personal fav!!
meet this cute, sexy yet chubby version of her!! the R Style Future Yoko!!
the details are superb, love her exposed belly, cause it’s really sculpted flawlessly
she’s not too chubby, unlike her other SD version… this version still got that athletic looks

to me, cute and sexy combined together is a lethal mix…
instant kill!!! X D

Tomica X Lego Minifigs

Toyota Will and Couple of Lego Minifigs

you know those minifigs that Tomica produce to be paired with their Die Cast line?
kinda hard to find here in my country…

then, I improvised by crossing the Minifigs from Lego to be paired with these die cast!! to recreate some diorama or cut scene, as in this one, it should be capturing an event where mechanic is repairing some city folk’s broken car

but I failed miserably ^^’
well, the first thing that went wrong is… the scale difference!!
it could be seen from the pics, that Lego’s minifigs are way to big for the car’s scale

well, just try and learned I guessed…
really should get me some of those Tomica minifigs then

Toyer Adidas Qee

Adidas Toyer version Qee
Manufacturer: Toy2R

just continuing the yesterday’s post…

among all of the Qee’s head variants there are, my favorite would be the skeleton one, the tend to called it as “Toyer” version
in case you wonder, the standard head variants include cat, dog, bunny, monkey, cube, egg, skeleton aaaand… maybe that’s all for the standard one

this skeleton version really looked sharp, with white background and lots of details that mostly influenced by Adidas sneakers design, notice that three stripes? very nice figure, looks a lot like a corporate gimmick, but I just love Adidas – no problemo here

Adidas Qee

Qees Adidas series
Manufacturer: Toy2R

Qee series, a famous urban design key chain slash figure produce by Toy2R company
they have collaborated with some famous brands, such as Swatch, BenQ, Le Sportsac, Nokia, Benneton, MIcrosoft (Xbox) and of course Adidas
since I’m a fan of that Germany based sneaker company, I really wanted to have some of these three stripes Qees

not really sure whether this Adidas series is an exclusive promotional gimmick that Adidas give you when you buy their product or you can actually buy them in stores

I’m pretty lucky to get those bears,
one of my friend owned a sneaker showroom in one of the mall round here, he gave me those three basic color, thanks Jim ^^b
he told me that these Qees are actually “gift only” items that you can not buy,but I managed to buy some additional designs from good ol ebay…you know, what don’t they sell in there huh??

they come in a standard plastic bag,like the one that you usually got from a prize items, that makes me think that this is a gift item indeed

Third and Fourth Warrior

Kamen Rider V3 and Riderman
Trading Figure – SIC Takumi Damashii Vol3
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Kamen Rider

Shiro Kazami, a.k.a V3, one of my favorite Showa rider… especially because of his double jump rider kiiccck!!
he was a vengeful man who actually wanted to become a Kamen Rider and carry all the burden on order to revenge the death of his family

he later stumbled upon a worthy enemy created by Destron to kill him, that is the Riderman, the only one Kamen Rider that mask is not covering all of the actor’s face

this mini SIC version really stand up tall
V3 looks really brave and charismatic in that pose, ready to fight the Destron

and for Riderman himself, Bandai only made him as a bust in this diorama, nice details though…he later got his own full body version in the ninth line of the SIC Takumi Damashii series, I’ll review that figure later

Pint Size Mini Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle Yellow
Capsule Mini-Mini Gashapon series 4
Manufacture: Takara Tomy

I always love the Choro Q designs
they are small, detailed, compact, cute and have several uniqueness factors, such as the pullback engine and customizable body and parts

back then, pimping Choro Q was a huge boom among the Japanese kids
I also got mine, but never try to customize them, I’ll talk bout that vintage one later

this one isn’t the actual Choro Q!! this one is a smaller gashapon version of Choro Q!! can you imagine that?! a smaller version of a tiny super deformed car!! and still gotthat pullback feature!! DUDE!!
this mini-mini gashapon line became my favorite in an instant!!

okay, since it is a gashapon, we can’t be sure which one that we’ll get from those machine, but I really want this famous classic mascot of the Choro Q’s Legacy, the original Beetles

my girls gave me this one
from our last trip to Spore, she played the machine once and VIOLA!!
she easily got it, and to think about how many times I played the machine before just to get this yellow one… aw maaaan…
thanks a lot hun!! ^^

you can see the other cars within this series’ lineup from the gashapon brochure behind the car

Glossy EVA 01

EVA-01 Action Figure
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo (Repain Limited version 2001)
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

EVA 01 is the main mecha character within the famous Neon Genesis Evangelion series

this action figure’s finishing color is simply stunning, Kaiyodo wasn’t just fooling around when they reissuing this figure with a different finishing color, they really did spice up the deal!! a true metallic purple,just like the one that you could find in any chogokin toys, but with far different price ;)

this action figure got only a few limited-articulation, but still loaded with some nice accessories, which are the riffle, gun, progressive knife, couple of hands to hold em, Shinji mini figure and the best one for me is the Plug Cable Cord, it was my first EVA figure with that kind of accessories back then

um, just a warn for you guys, this figure tend to bend, careful when placing them on the edges area of your display shelves

FIRST Riders!!

Kamen Rider 1 (right) and 2 (left)
Trading Figure – Motion Figure Part 3
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Origin: Kamen Rider (Masked Rider)

that’s the two words came up to my mind back then in 2005 when Sunrise studio announced they are remaking the original Kamen Rider TV series into a big screen movies

even though usually I would worship originality, but I actually like this remake film, seems like a different kind revival of the original series to me
first of all, the suits in the movie are totally modern!! they got more realistic, just like a motorist jacket plus eccentric helmet to be precise, so realistic
and I also love the glossy finish and color scheme change of these two legends
it even get better in the second series of the movie, which is the NEXT, they got more copper-ish colors

okay enough about the movie, how bout the figures? this trading figure series from Banpresto is actually a nice one, they got loads of articulations, some spare hands and accessories plus a stand base (not shown in the pic), and each of them got a variant figure with the famous rider kick pose

you could make different poses and change their accessories as well, not bad…
but you should be really careful when changing those hands, cause the pegs that is connecting the hand with the arm are actually quite fragile, do not push nor pull too hard,seriously… I broke mine -_-’

I’ll review some other riders from this trading figure series later