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Baby Votoms

SD gashapon Scopedog
Origin: Votoms
Manufacturer: Bandai

bought this cool deformation of the Scopedog couple years ago from one of my trip to Tokyo, for only 80 yen…
I never knew that Bandai also release the SD color gashapon version of Votoms character!! and this one is the only character I found in an old figure store around Akiba

wish I knew sooner bout this series, I’ll collect all of the character
the only picture I found for this series is this one:

woah, look at that!! there’s Brutish Dog, Berserga, snapping turtle and more!! aaaaaw, now I really wish I bought a full set years ago!!

huff, guess I could try to complete this series in the next following years

Orange Rage

Buster Machine no.7-Nono
Origin: Diebuster
Back: Monsiuer Bome version, Front: Bandai version

Nono, a goofing-off waitress that turn out to be an android, as well as the strongest buster machine!!
this character got two strong characteristics that won us over, as Nono and Buster Machine 7
as Nono, she’s very interesting in that clumsy attitude
as Buster Machine no.7, she got that arrogant-charismatic aura all over her

I love both of her side,and for now I’ll talk a bit bout her as the Buster Machine no7

why took two manufacturer version for this character?
because both of them produce totally different version IMO,
The Kaiyodo/Monsiuer Bome version got a dazzling orange-ish finish, cool wind blown hair and scarf effect, exclusive-looked standbase, plus a proportional body figure of her as a Buster Machine= tall yet ooooh so sexy

but she’s missing her raging facial expression in this version, as well as her “Gainax-style” arms
that’s why I took the Bandai version, though smaller and with a standard SOC style standbase, this version is not without it’s own charms… she comes with lot of accessories, including different face expression and weapons, her hair looks great in clear orange finish, plus the “powering-up” effect on her hair and scarf, you don’t wanna mess up with this girl!!

and why not bought the Wave version?
uuuum.. let just say that I don’t like Buster Machine in cutey mode, heheh…

Burnin’ Green Flame

65 Chevy Impala – Hotwheels 2008
Manufacturer: Mattel

a true American muscle car… that’s the first word I would like to say here

okay, the 65 Chevrolet Impala is their 4th generation of Impala series, they totally redesigned this from the 1961-1964 model and achieved their biggest sale ever!! so we could say that this 65 series really an icon within the Impala’s legacy

this 2008 color scheme model from Hotwheels really won my heart!!
just look at that burning impala skeleton with green flame surrounding on top of the flat black paintjob on the whole body, it just what a muscle car MUST be!!

they re-issue this 65 Chevy Impala in different color scheme in 2009, they change the main color of the car from black into blue, and the flame from green into blue as well… not as rocking as this original version for me

Woody Rabbit

Grabbit Wood
Trading Figure – Touma’s Little Tricker
Play Imaginative

Finally, we could get a hands on of these critters by the end of 2009!! I know-I know, they already delayed to launch these critters that originally planned to be released in June 2008, but I guessed it’s better late than never huh?

a great blind box/trading figure series from Play Imaginative- Singapore, they made us happy with the size of these toys and the fact that you could get the whole set by buying one whole case
plus the fact that this is only their First series, there’s more coming soon enough peoples!!

I got the Wooden Scheme Grabbit from my first box, nice one!!
but they still got those glue leftover in some parts and the color looks rather soft compared to Kidrobot’s products

the secret figures are: squeezel by Dalek and Grabbit by Joe Ledbetter oh c’mon… it’s not as ecret anymore, everyone already knew that!!
I’m still looking for the electric Squeezel from this line :(

can’t wait for the second one, my favorites, the Goons are gonna be in that series ^o^/

Face off

Megablock Orc-Right, Lego Orc-Left

on the right corner, wearing green trouser, standing 2 inch tall and wielding a giant axe, the Megablock’s OOORC!!
and on the left, wearing brown trouser, standing 2 inch tall and wielding a giant sword, the Legoooooo’s OOORC!!

just a fun comparison between these two minifigs design, one from Denmark’s legendary manufacturer; Lego and one from North America’s growing manufacturer; Megablock
I chose Orc character ’cause they have some similar basic designs

um, their height are almost the same, ’round 2 inch tall, as well as their body size…
the biggest different come from their body template, while Lego’s have that familiar cubism body template, Megablock offer us a more detailed and contoured body template
their both using some kind of brown loin cloth in to cover their body, but Megablock’s Orc seems to forgot using his trouser, woah ow… should I give a NSFW tag here X D
Lego’s came with some of those decals to give detail for the Orc’s face and cloth, while Megablock used paint to detail the face and gave some kind of dry brush effect
as I said before, Lego offered us one body template for their Orc minifigs (but with several different color scheme), while Megablock tried to give some variations by making 3 or more different head designs for the Orc’s head, notably on their horns shape
as for their weapon, Lego provided these green dudes with mass produced giant blades and shields, while Megablock give a little bit variations for their weapon,including giant hammers, some tribal stick, saws, shield, etc.
eeer, should I take a picture of their weapons…? naaaah

that’s it for now, just comparing the two toys design for a sec
do you think Megablock’s minifig could have some serious fans just like Lego’s?

New Species Discovered!!

Trading Figure – Joe Ledbetter Finder Keeper series

It’s a cat, NO!
it’s a caterpillar, NO!!
it’s Kittypillar!!!

hahah, just taking one Joe’s 3dimensional artwork for some outdoor exposure, I’m big fan of his art style

this one came from the “Finder Keepers”-trading figure series from Kidrobot, really love this series!!

Finder Keepers mostly contains Joe’s characters that never been made into 3d models before, the only so-called reissue from this series is the Teeter
other characters are totally new! and I got this Kittypillar when opened my first random box *thank you Kidrobot

in case you wonder, what is the mystery figure?
it’s a signed-Lava colored Teeter

I’m still looking for Crash in this series, Crash is that blue Shark
hope to find a rather cheap one soon enough

King’s ROAR

Rathalos / Rioreus (Japanese)
Trading Figure – Chouzoukei Damashii Monster Hunter #1
Manufacture: Bandai
Origin: Monster Hunter video games

watch out hunter!!!
here comes the king, and he’s ready to blast those fireballs
Rathalos, my favorite creature from Capcom’s legendary video game, the Monster Hunter…
I remembered playing this game for the first time in the Playstation2 platform years ago
took almost an hour for me to hunt that Yian Kut Ku and Cephadrome for the first time, heheh
what a masterpiece, truly fabulous game concept… free roaming, RPG + skill based game, thousand of weapons and suits to make, and the best feature (especially for the PSP version), it is a multiplayer game
if you are a gamer and haven’t play it yet… dude!! grab one ASAP, seriously…

and here’s one of the most famous creature from that series, the Rathalos
I know I know, he’s not the toughest, nor the scariest, and even we might easily hunt one down, or maybe two with his female counterpart, but for me, he is the true mascot of the series
he got that charisma, and… c’mon guys, just level with me, the very first time you encounter this monster, you must be at least scarred silly right..?? he looks like the ultimate or the most epic boss you think you’ll encounter within the game right?
that’s why I still love him till now, even though you can easily “play” with him while bringing that hammer, like you know… he flew, he landed, he roared, he shoots fireball, aaaand… it’s HAMMER TIMEEEE!!
he offered you his weakness point to be hit, just like one of those carnival’s skill game, what a nice guy X D

um, he come with 3 color variants within the series, this original, Azure one and as his toughest color, the Silver one
the female counterpart or the Rathian is in the 2nd series of this trading figure line, with another 3 color variations but with a scarier pose, the poison Backflip attack!! I’ll scoop her later

hunters, be prepare to be hunted…
but for some pro players, this creature is the one who should be scarred

Break the Chain!!

Kiva Form
Gashapon – Masked Rider Kiva Action Pose series
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Kamen Rider Kiva

just having a little bit fun with this gashapon, outdoor
tried to recreate those famous “parking lots” battle from the masked rider series ^^

um, bout this gashapon, it got a pretty decent articulation, we can change his pose from fighting stance to the famous Darkness Moon Break rider kick stance
it came with a standard black stand that you really should attach to its feet, cause this King of Vampire tend to fall over if it wasn’t supported by that stand

um, pretty decent details I guess, especially around the chest and face,
but as you can see, there is a little bit of a mess on mine’s face
well, it’s a gashapon afterall

Termite Terminator

Termite Terminator
Manufacturer: Matchbox

DOOMSDAY on wheels!!! ….for termites ;p
this one come from Matchbox’s City Heroes line
love the graphic on both side of the car and the exterminator instruments
actually, it’s more like a pick up truck carrying big gas tanks on the back

I’m not really sure whether you could really find one of this pest control vehicle on the street of the States or not, but usually Matchbox die cast represented an actual car design, juts like Tomica’s regular line

since I’m collecting unique car die casts, this one’s a nice addition