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Captain’s seaside villa

Lego System 1991
Smuggler’s Shanty – NO 6258

aaarrrghhhh mateeeey, it’s time to parteeeeeyyy
well, pirates still need a seaside villa to rest y’know ^^’

heheh, another “just for fun” shot on one of my earliest Lego set, the Smuggler’s Shanty

the original set came with 3 minifigs; 2 of them are pirates, a boat and a treasure chest plus that favorite Lego’s shark, neat!!
it’s a great choice within the small set category…

for this photo shot, I’ll added some pirates minifigs from the Pirate Mini Figure sets 6251
I’ll talk bout that other set later

here’s the original box image, courtesy of the world’s greatest Lego database: Lugnet
dating back then in 1991 this set is pretty popular and easy to get, nice

Blaster Form

Kamen Rider Blaster Form
Front: Gashapon – Bandai
Back: Rider Faiz Chess Trading Figure – Megahouse
Origin: Kamen Rider Faiz

Faiz’s ultimate thus strongest form, the Blaster Form
no wonder this form considered to be the most powerful one, cause Faiz get his ultimate weapon: the Faiz Blaster! looks like a big laser gun attached with a chainsaw, this oversize weapon could transform into a shotgun as well as a blade-but Faiz must use both of his hand in order to do so, woah that’s gonna hurt…

I’m not a fans of this form
I don’t really like the all-red color scheme plus the Blaster itself, looks kinda oversize for a speed type rider
I prefer the Axel form thank you… but it won’t hurt to have couple of this form figure right…

okay, Bandai gashapon version is actually great!! it is articulated in some of the basic joints and come with an accessories which is the Blaster that you can attached to its hand

while Megahouse’s Trading Figure looks more detailed and have a nice finishing color, the pose is also great btw
they make this form as the King among other characters, not surprising thought

underwater buddies

Spongebob and Squidward
Manufacturer: Mattel
Origin: Spongebob Squarepant

very unique cartoon series created by a marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg
The Spongebob Squarepants become Nickelodeon’s big hit, the series airing since 1999 til now, woahoooow… Simpsons, you got your competition right here, heheh

what makes people love Spongebob?? for me, the main reasons are because of the unique concept, environment and strong characters within this cartoon!!
I’ve been very curious and a big fans of underwater creatures in all of my childhood life, but not until 1999 that I got a cartoon that portrayed underwater sea life as unique as this!! just imagine, a workaholic sea sponge shaped like a kitchen sponge… be friend an underwater squirrel… buddy up with a depressed squid & not so bright sea star, work for a greedy crab, have a snail as a pet and even become an apprentice of a blowfish?? very unique indeed…

even the storyline still suit me as a working guys, could learn a lot from Spongebob’s working spirit y’know…

okay, enough bout the cartoon series, I found this action figure from Mattel to be very interesting!! you could not find many Spongebob characters figure here in my country, but this one really stand out!!!
just look at that bubble-shaped card, very underwater indeed
and the graphic on the card is also so “Spongebob-like” looking!! those flowers, the orange Jellyfish, that color… so Bikini Bottom!! I won’t open the card… NEVER!!

okay, the main problem for this figure line is… there is no other character other than Spongebob and Squidward!! they made two version of Spongebob, this jellyfish huntign version and bubble blowing one, but they don’t make Patrick, Garry, Mr. Krab, Sandy, etc!!

can anyone confirm bout this? is there really is no other character than Sponegbob and Squidward within this line?

like father like son

various Gundam gashapon and SD Color gashapon
Manufacturer: Bandai

just a random shot on some of my gashapon collection
been trying to focus more in collecting the SD gashapon version more than the normal one over these years, but seems that I also stumbled upon some irresistible normal characters as well, especially the SOG gashapon series

I bought them in separate occasions and display them in two different rooms, so it’s quite interesting for me to find out that there are some character that I got in both version, and here they are… although it’s not an update photo, sorry ^^’ the collection’s been growing over these years, but there are only 2-3 more pairing characters, and I haven’t took their group picture yet,oh well

like father like son, genes really are a strong bond…

Rei’s cockpit

Rei Ayanami (Cockpit) – Evangelion vol.2 collection Trading Figure
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

it’s not one of the best Rei trading figure ever released, her face looks kinda weird, too sharp and skinny in my opinion… and her lips, she looked like a ten year old playing with her mom’s extremely red lipstick -_-’
but, back then, it’s my only refugees to own a Rei figure, in plugsuit and complete with the cockpit replica!!

beside the resin kit, this one is the only available Rei figure in her cockpit back then, so I just grabbed one when a store selling this figure as a separate figure from the series
the cockpit’s details are not so bad… pretty perfect for a small trading figure, and really well-suit the size of Rei body, neat…

Fuji Finepix Z33WP

a compact, stylish and cheap underwater camera!!
you could bring this camera for any underwater session up to 3 meters (ten feet) under the surface and still look stylish X D

people tend to tag this camera as “world most compact underwater camera”, I can understand why… the body is compactly build, it’s small, it’s thin and the camera is built within the body as well, smart!
this 10 MP camera come in four different colors; black, purplish blue shocking pink and my favorites, the shocking green

the only reason I bought this one, because this is the cheapest-most smart looking underwater camera available in my country and it looks fun to use for a person who swims regularly every weeks with his friends/family like me
later this green fellow start to grow on me to explore him more!! start with the Manual mode it offer, but the Manual feature is very limited
well, just keep in mind that this is only a point and shoot camera anyway

okay, the BIG downer from this camera is, it’s more of an “outdoor activity” camera… almost like a film camera that you loaded up with a 200 asa roll film
you can’t get a sharp result when using this camera indoor without flash using the room’s lamp as the only light source… the picture will be nothin but grains!! the 1600 ISO feature tend to backfire on you almost all the time -_-’
the manual mode doesn’t help much either, don’t know for sure why…

I bought this camera for underwater shots anyway, and by keeping that within my mind, this camera become an awesome stylish gadget

here is the specification from Imaging
Resolution: 10.00 Megapixels
Lens: 3.00x zoom (35-105mm eq.)
LCD Size:2.7 inch
ISO: 64-1600
Shutter: 3-1/1000
Max Aperture: 3.7
Mem Type: SD / SDHC / xD
Battery: Custom LiIon
Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.3 x 0.8 in.(92 x 60 x 21 mm)
Weight: 3.9 oz (111 g)

and here’s some sample of my figure shots using this camera, all in thumbnails

Casual Figure Photography (Indoor – inside my not so well lighted room)

Outdoor Figure Photography

and the long waited one, pam param paaaaaaam!!
the most challenging part of underwater figure photography is to keep the object steady!! why?? because water posses a lot of power… the water current… current or wave keep the object moving, thus it’s extremely difficult to take a focused photo on a still object underwater…
Underwater Photography

that’s all folks!! all of the cameras I’ve been using for my toy/figure photography…
oh yeah, sometimes I also use my Toycamera and Junkcamera (manual film camera) collection to take some figure photos, but I’ll discuss about them much later… now it’s time for more TOYS!!

until then!!

Fuji Finepix S5700

maybe I could say this for my opening here…
this is the BEST camera I’ve ever use for my figure photography purposes!!

people tend to call this one as a “SLR-Style camera”, because it isn’t a real SLR, it’s just a super zoom digicam…a bloody-over the edge-cheap super zoom!!

okay, okay, just imagine this…
a 7.2 MP camera, that give you a professional DSLR like result,with manual mode, that only cost you under 200 USD
dude… this is the reason why I’ve become more of a Fujifilm fanatic over the years, no wonder I already loved Fujifilm analogue/film camera since I’m five years old, heheh

this camera run on 4 AA batteries, which is a plus point for me
I prefer using standard rechargeable batteries than the lithium one, cause can buy another one anytime I want… I’ve been using the Sony Ni-MH batteries for this baby, and it just won’t go down… a fully charged set could give me almost a month power for regular usage!!

the best feature for me is, the Manual (M) mode… you could set the Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, macro mode, and more!! it give me freedom to explore more on night photography technique, such as the light painting and pitch black photography, I’ll give you an example on these later

here is the technical spec according to
* 7.1 million effective pixels
* ISO 100 – 1600 sensitivity range
* Compact lens with 10x optical zoom
* Easy-to-use mode dial and ‘rocker’ zoom function
* Improved 2.5 inch LCD screen with 230,000 pixels
* Dual compatibility for xD-Picture Card and Secure Digital cards
* Intelligent Flash and Natural light plus Flash functions
* 12 scene position modes
* Rapid start-up time of 1.1 seconds and shutter lag of 0.01 seconds
* Powered by four AA batteries
* 27MB internal memory

this camera works well even in a poorly lighted indoor room, the smart censor could easily adjust its setting in auto mode to accommodate that condition… and the picture’s still sharp,not really grainy at all

and here’s some sample of my figure shots using this camera, all in thumbnails

Casual Figure Photography (Indoor – inside my not so well lighted room)

Outdoor Figure Photography

I’ve never brought this camera to any toy event, cause my motto for such event is; “travel light”, it’s a battleground out there, we must fight and we must win!! chaaaaaaaaargeeeeee!!! X D

but I’ll give you some of my signature pithblack photography photos sample instead

Pitchblack Photography
Glow in the Dark

Pitchblack Photography

next up, the Fuji Finepix Z33 WP
the underwater cam, just stay tuned :D

Casio Exilim EX-Z3

my first digicam (digital camera) ever!!
bought this one in one of my trip to Japan, for a whooping price, 38.000 yen… spent all of my money for her ^^’
that’s extremely pricey for a 3.2 MP camera!! but hey, it was like 7 years ago, back then when they just developed a thing called digicam, heheh…

I really LOOOVED this camera!! she also serve me well all the time
for casual figure photo sessions, outdoor, and even accompanied me as an ideal compact camera for toy events

she works well for both indoor and outdoor activities, but eventually pictures will become a little bit grainy when the area is lack of light

the only downer is, recently the lithium battery’s easily loss a lot of power (half from the power meter) after a dozen of shots, even after it’s fully recharged… I’m planning to buy another one, but it’s kinda hard to find nowadays -_-’

here is the technical spec according to Steve’s
* 3.2-Megapixel effective CCD imager
* Credit card-size stainless steel body, only 23mm thick
* Still Image: 2048×1536, 1600×1200, 1280×960, 640×480
* Movie capture, 320×240 @ 12fps up to 30 seconds with audio
* Pentax 3x optical zoom (35-105mm equiv) with 4x digital zoom
* Less two second startup time
* Fast shot to shot time – even with flash
* 10 Megabytes of internal memory
* Automatic 1 to 1/2000 sec. shutter speeds
* Built-in flash with Red Eye Reduction
* 2″ TFT color LCD with 354×240 (84,960 pixels) resolution
* 4X playback zoom magnification
* USB 1.1 data transfer to PC or Mac computers
* Lithium rechargeable battery and charging cradle included
* Secure Digital/MMC card slot for memory expansion

and here’s some sample of my figure shots using this camera, all in thumbnails
maybe it’s not great, but don’t blame the camera! I’m still developing my still (figure) photography skill back then…

Casual Figure Photography (Inside my room)
lot of my photos here that has white-sliver background or pattern paper are created using this camera

Outdoor Figure Photography
only done a couple of outdoor figure photos back then

Toys Events

next up, the Fuji Finepix S5700!!
cheapest “SLR-Style” camera, with a pro-like result, just splendid ^^b

until then

50 Toys Related Posts… and counting!!

50 already? woah, that’s kinda fast…

so I wrote 50 toys related post, excluding the term definition and introduction post, not bad… but MORE to come!! just sight tight and enjoy the ride, heheh

hum.. maybe it’s a good time to write somethin other than toys for a change… what should I write…
oh I know!!
since lot of people and friends keep asking me what camera do I use for my photos, maybe I just make short reviews bout the cameras that I used for my figure shots

they usually thought that I’m using a DSLR camera,
I am not guys… keep telling ya, I’m only using cheap- low spec digital cameras for my photos and I don’t have a DSLR… you know us collector, we prefer to spend more and more money to ease our addiction ;p

so, there are 3 digital cameras that I’m using until now for my figure photos, which are:
- Casio Exilim EX-Z3 3.2 MP (bought in 2003)
- Fuji Finepix S5700 7.2 MP (2008)
- Fuji Finepix Z33WP Underwater 10.0 MP (2010)
then for this week, I’ll talk about each one of those cameras
including the spec, short review, some blabbering story and example photos from my shots

hope you could enjoy, cheers

vintage Rei’s bikini

Rei Ayanami in Bikini – Visual Package Figure
Manufacturer: Sega Prize
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

more Rei coming up!!
just realized that my “Neon Genesis Evangelion” tag still lack a lot more reviews, so I just rounding up some of the old collection for now

this Visual package Figure of Rei line released following the Rei Ayanami’s Raising Project video games in Dreamcast years ago, I also into that hype, maybe I’ll talk bout that video game bundle later
Rei never wear this kind of swimsuit or even bikini within the series offcource…

the thing about this figure is, it’s kinda small… the same size as a trading figure, while usually Sega release a PVC scale size figure… but hey, they gave you a biiiiig premium chrome poster with each of every figure within this line, guess no complain there..

this figure could really capture that “classic” look of her, and her hair is kinda purple colored, like those old gashapon version of Rei, not bad…
there are also two other version of her within the series, which are cat and apron version