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clear Venom

Venom Paperweight
Clear version SDCC exclusive 2007
Manufacturer: Monogram International Inc.
Origin: Marvel Comics

who doesn’t know Venom…
he’s one of the most famous rival of Spiderman as well as one of the most famous villain in Marvel Universe

originally created by Todd Mc Farlane’s himself, this gooey symbiote already assimilate with the hearts of thousand fans, heheh
one of the most notorious character in Marvel series, but not so evil either, cause sometimes he still try to help people and even fight side by side with Spidey

the most famous host for this symbiote was Eddie Brock, a reporter in Peter Parker’s non superhero daily life, whose live was ruined by “incidentally” by Spiderman, causing his deep hatred to Spiderman over the time being

move on to the figure, or should I say: bust
this bust is the SDCC exclusive paperweight version of Venom created by Monogram, an American company which famous for their novelties gift and products
they already produced several Marvel iconic characters in bust and even full body statue version as paperweights

I missed my first chance to get him on the shelf, sigh…. but later, my girl found another one in her trip to Spore, thanks a lot hun ^^

okay, the thing about this bust is, it looked more like an unpainted or even unfinished version of the original bust, but I still love clear or transparent figure, meh, maybe it’s just me
can’t really complain regarding the details and pose, it’s fair enough… the only thing that annoy me is the head, kinda overly oval shaped IMO
but please keep in mind that this paperweight bust only cost roughly bellow 18 bucks, while the normal price for a bust is around 50 USD to infinity, heheh

so I’ll say, the Paperweight busts line produced by Monogram is a rather nice choice for anyone to start their bust collection, check out the cool looking Captain America and Wolverine in this exact series

note: I scheduled this entry for 25 November 2011 by mistake, so I just back dated this entry
now that’s a really loooong time planning huh ^^’

third ultimate moeness!!!

Sachiel XX nano!
Manufacturer: Wave Corporation
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

the third epic cuteness!! Sachiel in nano form X 3

okay, okay, I got a lot of explaining to do…

first of all, this is one of the angel or enemy within Neon Genesis Evangelion series, one of the most notable because this angel is the first ever angel fighting the EV 01 piloted by Shinji in the series…
so, if got hooked up by the battle scene within Evangelion, I bet you got the great first impression from this battle scene!!

the real fact is,
Sachiel in the angelology is an Archangel with the task of “covering the God” and usually associated with the zodiac of Sagittarius

okay, so what happen with this one? why Sachiel looks so cute instead of a bony huge brownish giant with two faces like in the anime/manga series?

back in 2006, Wave corporation collaborate with Yoshizaki Mine, creator of Keroro Gunso created a line of female anthropomorphized / humanoid version of several angels within the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, called teh EVA XX… the ultra cuteness is a sudden kill for me, I bought several angels in an instant…

then, they collaborated once more in order to develop something even diabolical cute by creating a moefication of that EVA XX line, which is this EVA XX nano! line

I’ll review the real form of Sachiel and his EVA XX form later kay…
for now, let’s enjoy the cuteness instead

Crimson Troops march

Maschinen Krieger Prowler type – Crimson Troopers color scheme
1/35 Trading Figure
Manufacturer: Hobby Base
Origin: Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000

Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K,
maybe this name sounds kinda unfamiliar huh…?
how bout SF3D?

I’ll share a little bit bout this series,
back in late 1980s, there is an awesome war themed sci-fi novel/photoseries within one of the oldest Japanese hobby monthly magazine, the Hobby Japan
this series created by Japanese sculptor Kow Yokoyama and was called as SF3D… later it was renamed as Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K after several legal issues

I remember buying my first ever Hobby Japan Magazine issue, back in 1993 or 1994 if I’m not mistaken…
I saw a picture about this “Germany” style war armor, blended with several ultra cool illustration bout the pilot and the some adult-serious styling of the characters

so what’s the story about?
it’s about Earth… after a NUCLEAR WORLD WAR!! woah, scary…
in the year 2807, Earth become uninhibited due to the Nuclear World War. Years later, a group of governmental investigation team sent to investigate the condition on Earth. they discover the planet has restored itself thus making it possible for some colonists to repopulate Earth. but, this colonists also brought criminals, terrorists and mercenarists who think Earth would be a refugee’s paradise. thus another conflict and war has begun.

I said to myself, I gotta have on of this kind of realistic mecha!!
but then, they only produced model kit version of this series, no figure or whatsoever… and the model kit itself is extremely difficult to be found outside Japan… sigh, I just gave it up then…
10 years later, I finally could own some of this mecha in my most favorite form, which is trading figure!!

these 1/35 trading figure created by Hobby Base, and they ain’t messing with this one…
these figure came with CRAZYYYY details!!
while this trading figure has no articulation, but the great details could really make it up to ya!! the color scheme, the weathering, those tiny mechanistic details, and some of the parts are made from real metal!! die cast parts like chogokin!! cool!!

each mecha character came in three pose:
- Normal walking
- Opening Hatch (with great pilot and interior details)
- Flying (with a standbase, my personal fav)

can’t believe that the manufacturer declared that they won’t produce this 1/35 line ever again,
thus resulting there will be no more 1/35 trading figure of this great series from them!!

Bonus side story ;p
the only way for me who live outside of Japan to own this figure was by ordering one full box from a Japanese International toys reseller, the HLJ

one full box consist of 24 trading figures, which make it difficult for me to get… aw maaaan, can’t afford that one whole box!! >_<

but then, I got mine by making a Group Buy with my fellow collectors in Toyzhunt
it was really fun when all of us was unboxing these little mechas
here some pics of the unboxing ceremony X D

to all of my TH friends who share this whole Box with me, thank you very much guys… I really enjoyed our unboxing gathering ;)

clear SD Zakus

(from left to right)
Zaku II-S, Zaku I, Zaku II – SD Color Gundam Stage 51
Manufacturer: Bandai

I know, I know… they already appeared in this previous post
but still, I just want to emphasize that… they are my personal fav!!
glow and clear items sure are my achiless heel ^^’

first of all, they are just a repaint version of the first ever SD Color Gundam series; which is the Stage 01 series…
Bandai released a special set back then in 2004, the Stage 51 filled only with various Zaku models, also including this clear repaint from the very first original release

I’m not sure why, they looks even more awesome in this repaint color scheme…
the color itself looks brighter and more interesting,
that gradating color from clear to solid colors are awesome, and the panel lines just jumped out to our eyes

maybe they should release more of this kind of clear SD gashapon, the one with a combination of solid and clear part, instead of those annoying all clear type they release lately…

note to self: try to army build these dudes

going for a ride

Son Gokou & Son Gohan
Dragon Ball Mini Figure Selection Plus #1
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Dragon Ball Z

who doesn’t now bout Dragon Ball…
Akiraya Toriyama’s masterpiece which become a legacy by penetrated the global market, especially western market at the era where manga or Japanese comic still not very popular there

started as a story similar with the Journey to the West, where a young “monkey like” child trains in martial art and find the Dragon Balls; seven mystical balls that could summon a magical genie like Dragon who granted your wish, heheh
that’s the Dragon Ball story early story…
after that child grow, the story become more complex and very distinguished from the Journey to the West Story, and the series named Dragon Ball Z, with more serious storyline and more EVIIIIIIIL enemies

these stories compiled into 42 comic books, which was very amazing at that era, where usually comic could not reach more than 20 volumes…

okay, that the brief story bout Dragon Ball, I doubt that anyone never heard about Dragon Ball before…

here come a tiny trading figure from Bandai, which in my opinion is one of the most interesting Dragon Ball 3D representation… I got others type of Dragon Ball toys, but this one is my favorite…

just look at those details, and even more interesting is that hearth warming scene which includes suepr strong Saiyan father taking his sons for a ride
this pics just want to show you that…while strong, the Saiyan could also do some daily tasks such riding a car or dropping their kids to the nearest school ^^’

important note: please wears helmet while driving any motorcycle X D


Hotwheels Amazoom – Red Orange 2008 version
Manufacturer: Mattel

the first time I saw this unique car on the shelves, I thought that this is hybrid of several concept of cars put together into one…
I knew that this must be a racing stock car, but what is the real type??
looks like a heavily modified car, or is it a concept car?
and I just knew the racing stripes pattern must be mean something, but I can’t point my finger at it…

then I got the answer years later
it is another Hotwheel’s original concept car, designed to award Brazil for their growing demand of Hotwheels product back then in 2007!!

wow… so they actually design a specific car to award a country…
ad you guessed it right, they name it after the mighty river Amazone

okay, the car design itself is very interesting indeed… looked like a stock car, the one that people trash in a racing circuit, with a niceeee detailed all over it’s body
just look at those amazing small decals on the side doors, as well as those yellow rim on the wheels, pretty nice details huh…?

they released two version of Amazoom back then in 2008, the “Brazilian flag” color scheme and this Red and Orange… maybe it’s time for me to start hunting for the green one… I missed that one