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Hotwheels Amazoom – Red Orange 2008 version
Manufacturer: Mattel

the first time I saw this unique car on the shelves, I thought that this is hybrid of several concept of cars put together into one…
I knew that this must be a racing stock car, but what is the real type??
looks like a heavily modified car, or is it a concept car?
and I just knew the racing stripes pattern must be mean something, but I can’t point my finger at it…

then I got the answer years later
it is another Hotwheel’s original concept car, designed to award Brazil for their growing demand of Hotwheels product back then in 2007!!

wow… so they actually design a specific car to award a country…
ad you guessed it right, they name it after the mighty river Amazone

okay, the car design itself is very interesting indeed… looked like a stock car, the one that people trash in a racing circuit, with a niceeee detailed all over it’s body
just look at those amazing small decals on the side doors, as well as those yellow rim on the wheels, pretty nice details huh…?

they released two version of Amazoom back then in 2008, the “Brazilian flag” color scheme and this Red and Orange… maybe it’s time for me to start hunting for the green one… I missed that one

69′s American Muscle

69 Ford Mustang – Hotwheels 2007
Manufacturer: Mattel

another American beauty, the 1969 Ford Mustang!!
this car truly won my heart with its muscular design, the rim and those red racing stripe-like an icing on top of a nicely baked cake, tastyyyy~!!

if you haven’t heard bout this 69 For Mustang, cause usually we’re more familiar with the 1964½ or the 1965 Mustang, this 1969 is a custom/modified version of the Mach I mustang…
thus this Mustang got more of those racing+Nascar looks on it,cool!!

this car was firstly produced by Hotwheels in 2007, and this is actually the second run on the 69 Mustang… the first original one is colored in all yellow with black stripes on the sides
I prefer this black with red stripes to the original one

Burnin’ Green Flame

65 Chevy Impala – Hotwheels 2008
Manufacturer: Mattel

a true American muscle car… that’s the first word I would like to say here

okay, the 65 Chevrolet Impala is their 4th generation of Impala series, they totally redesigned this from the 1961-1964 model and achieved their biggest sale ever!! so we could say that this 65 series really an icon within the Impala’s legacy

this 2008 color scheme model from Hotwheels really won my heart!!
just look at that burning impala skeleton with green flame surrounding on top of the flat black paintjob on the whole body, it just what a muscle car MUST be!!

they re-issue this 65 Chevy Impala in different color scheme in 2009, they change the main color of the car from black into blue, and the flame from green into blue as well… not as rocking as this original version for me

Termite Terminator

Termite Terminator
Manufacturer: Matchbox

DOOMSDAY on wheels!!! ….for termites ;p
this one come from Matchbox’s City Heroes line
love the graphic on both side of the car and the exterminator instruments
actually, it’s more like a pick up truck carrying big gas tanks on the back

I’m not really sure whether you could really find one of this pest control vehicle on the street of the States or not, but usually Matchbox die cast represented an actual car design, juts like Tomica’s regular line

since I’m collecting unique car die casts, this one’s a nice addition

Mystery Car JAPAN

Mystery Car Hotwheels series – Japanese version
Manufacturer: Mattel

picked up this die cast on one of my midnight stroll round Tokyo, I was kinda surprise to find the Toys R Us is still open around 12 am in the morning there,maybe there was a midnight sale or somethin

Mattel released this “blind case” series in Japan, maybe because the market already used to this kind of concept, like the gashapon or trading figure random item concept

I never actually open to see which car do I get!! and this is the only one that I bought with the change money in my pocket, very nostalgic to me…

Here are the cars lineup within the back reference card

like everyone, I wanted the green Volkswagen Beetle
but I haven’t open it yet, and possibly never

well, maybe those guys are right
some things are better be unknown ^^’

Tomica X Lego Minifigs

Toyota Will and Couple of Lego Minifigs

you know those minifigs that Tomica produce to be paired with their Die Cast line?
kinda hard to find here in my country…

then, I improvised by crossing the Minifigs from Lego to be paired with these die cast!! to recreate some diorama or cut scene, as in this one, it should be capturing an event where mechanic is repairing some city folk’s broken car

but I failed miserably ^^’
well, the first thing that went wrong is… the scale difference!!
it could be seen from the pics, that Lego’s minifigs are way to big for the car’s scale

well, just try and learned I guessed…
really should get me some of those Tomica minifigs then

Pint Size Mini Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle Yellow
Capsule Mini-Mini Gashapon series 4
Manufacture: Takara Tomy

I always love the Choro Q designs
they are small, detailed, compact, cute and have several uniqueness factors, such as the pullback engine and customizable body and parts

back then, pimping Choro Q was a huge boom among the Japanese kids
I also got mine, but never try to customize them, I’ll talk bout that vintage one later

this one isn’t the actual Choro Q!! this one is a smaller gashapon version of Choro Q!! can you imagine that?! a smaller version of a tiny super deformed car!! and still gotthat pullback feature!! DUDE!!
this mini-mini gashapon line became my favorite in an instant!!

okay, since it is a gashapon, we can’t be sure which one that we’ll get from those machine, but I really want this famous classic mascot of the Choro Q’s Legacy, the original Beetles

my girls gave me this one
from our last trip to Spore, she played the machine once and VIOLA!!
she easily got it, and to think about how many times I played the machine before just to get this yellow one… aw maaaan…
thanks a lot hun!! ^^

you can see the other cars within this series’ lineup from the gashapon brochure behind the car

Modern Stealth Planes

From the top, clockwise
B-2 Spirit (Matchbox Sky Buster), BlackBird (Maisto Tailwinds), F22 raptor (Maisto Tailwinds), F-117 Nighthawk (Maisto Tailwinds)

stealth planes, it means that these flying war machine could not be detected by the radar
kinda sneaky huh? but I loves the design of these modern high tech machines

there are many types of Stealth Planes for many purposes, but we could simply divide them into two main categories, the fighters and the bombers, just like the regular warplanes
the most well known stealth fighter is the F22 Raptor and for the bombers, off course the B-2 Spirit (picture above)

I just collected some of the most famous one, tend to expand my collection into more unique and rare one, but seems that only limited models of these war machine has been produced, and those manufacturer tend to released almost mainstream planes such as Nighthawk, Spirit and the Raptor

really wished I could got a model of my most favorite stealth plane, the Horten 229 of the Germany

it was the earliest stealth technology plane ever made during the end of the second World War
fantastic design + ambitious dream equal magnificent technology leap in those era

Deadman is passing by

Cadillac Hearse – color variants
Manufacturer: Matchbox

Hearse, the horseless funeral cart
this car is well known as coffins coaches

Matchbox released three variants of this car within a year or so, I’m kinda forget the exact year, but it should be around 2007-2008
the three cor variants are Black, White and Grey

if you ask me, I’ll stick with the Black one thank you, the original one that we could easily see on the streets

um, in one of my family visit to Japan, I saw a different one…
they modified this car into a mini shrine, and when one of my family passed away, while attended the funeral,I got the chance to see the modified car myself
that was the beginning of my interest in chasing these die cast planning to modified them myself, but seems extremely difficult -_-’

this Hearse collection reminds me of my gramps…

Datsun Bluebird 510

Datsun Bluebird 510 color variants
Manufacturer : Hotwheel

Datsun,the late 60′s legendary car for those who liked Japanese cars
one of the most famous Japanese cars in the US market, this one is surely made it’s own legend

when Hotwheels announced that they are going to produce this baby in the last year (2009), surely I want em!!
but, when they released it in three different color variantios… aaaaaw, c’mon now guys…
it’s feel like another money milking scheme for the collector pockets

but I still wanted all three variants ;p
um, actually the only reasons I bought all three was each of them I found with a standard price on the shelves
ye sirreee sir, I got all of them from the shelves, lucky me, there was a time when these babies were sought by everyone, then the price was kinda skyrocketing

still, the Blue one is the best one IMO