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nature’s wonder

Origin: Baka Tensai Bakabon

this’ll be my last figure-related gibberish for this year, heheh…

my favorite character from Japanese comdey manga!!
presenting to you, wonder of our mother nature, the weirdest among weird, ladies and gentlemeeen, please welcome UNAGIINU!! \^0^/

in case you never heard bout this character, he is an original and iconic character from Japanese legendary comedy series, Baka Tensai BAKABON!!
hum… let’s see… unagi in English means eel, while inu means dog… so, is this a crossbreed among ‘em both?!?!
this famous crazy character is a crossbreed among those two animal
his father is a dog who walk past a fish shop and met one very attractive female eel, and they decided to get married… crazy huh? well, if you read the manga, this won’t sounds so crazy, cause there are thousands of another crazy concept within that manga!!

enough bout the character background, this figure is actually a sofubi, one that made out of PVC and came without any articulation… more like a designer toy IMO
the detail is quite amazing; that glossy-wet look black color of his skin, his detailed tail, and even if you looked down, he got that “X” mark as his belly button… sooo manga style!! X D

I got mine already re-packaged and sold in Super Position Osaka… so I have no ideas regarding the manufacture, original price and the production year of this unique toy… I would really appreciate if anyone of you can help me with those information ^^
the one thing that I know, he came with various alternate colors… from purple, yellow to even green!! and as usual, the original color is the most expensive one… spent quite lot of money for this little dude >_<

here's another photo of him while he's hanging around the pond

please share any information you got incase you now something more bout this toy, I’m dead curious, especially to see the original packaging and to know more bout the manufacturer

well then, till next year!!

Crimson Troops march

Maschinen Krieger Prowler type – Crimson Troopers color scheme
1/35 Trading Figure
Manufacturer: Hobby Base
Origin: Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000

Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K,
maybe this name sounds kinda unfamiliar huh…?
how bout SF3D?

I’ll share a little bit bout this series,
back in late 1980s, there is an awesome war themed sci-fi novel/photoseries within one of the oldest Japanese hobby monthly magazine, the Hobby Japan
this series created by Japanese sculptor Kow Yokoyama and was called as SF3D… later it was renamed as Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K after several legal issues

I remember buying my first ever Hobby Japan Magazine issue, back in 1993 or 1994 if I’m not mistaken…
I saw a picture about this “Germany” style war armor, blended with several ultra cool illustration bout the pilot and the some adult-serious styling of the characters

so what’s the story about?
it’s about Earth… after a NUCLEAR WORLD WAR!! woah, scary…
in the year 2807, Earth become uninhibited due to the Nuclear World War. Years later, a group of governmental investigation team sent to investigate the condition on Earth. they discover the planet has restored itself thus making it possible for some colonists to repopulate Earth. but, this colonists also brought criminals, terrorists and mercenarists who think Earth would be a refugee’s paradise. thus another conflict and war has begun.

I said to myself, I gotta have on of this kind of realistic mecha!!
but then, they only produced model kit version of this series, no figure or whatsoever… and the model kit itself is extremely difficult to be found outside Japan… sigh, I just gave it up then…
10 years later, I finally could own some of this mecha in my most favorite form, which is trading figure!!

these 1/35 trading figure created by Hobby Base, and they ain’t messing with this one…
these figure came with CRAZYYYY details!!
while this trading figure has no articulation, but the great details could really make it up to ya!! the color scheme, the weathering, those tiny mechanistic details, and some of the parts are made from real metal!! die cast parts like chogokin!! cool!!

each mecha character came in three pose:
- Normal walking
- Opening Hatch (with great pilot and interior details)
- Flying (with a standbase, my personal fav)

can’t believe that the manufacturer declared that they won’t produce this 1/35 line ever again,
thus resulting there will be no more 1/35 trading figure of this great series from them!!

Bonus side story ;p
the only way for me who live outside of Japan to own this figure was by ordering one full box from a Japanese International toys reseller, the HLJ

one full box consist of 24 trading figures, which make it difficult for me to get… aw maaaan, can’t afford that one whole box!! >_<

but then, I got mine by making a Group Buy with my fellow collectors in Toyzhunt
it was really fun when all of us was unboxing these little mechas
here some pics of the unboxing ceremony X D

to all of my TH friends who share this whole Box with me, thank you very much guys… I really enjoyed our unboxing gathering ;)

going for a ride

Son Gokou & Son Gohan
Dragon Ball Mini Figure Selection Plus #1
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Dragon Ball Z

who doesn’t now bout Dragon Ball…
Akiraya Toriyama’s masterpiece which become a legacy by penetrated the global market, especially western market at the era where manga or Japanese comic still not very popular there

started as a story similar with the Journey to the West, where a young “monkey like” child trains in martial art and find the Dragon Balls; seven mystical balls that could summon a magical genie like Dragon who granted your wish, heheh
that’s the Dragon Ball story early story…
after that child grow, the story become more complex and very distinguished from the Journey to the West Story, and the series named Dragon Ball Z, with more serious storyline and more EVIIIIIIIL enemies

these stories compiled into 42 comic books, which was very amazing at that era, where usually comic could not reach more than 20 volumes…

okay, that the brief story bout Dragon Ball, I doubt that anyone never heard about Dragon Ball before…

here come a tiny trading figure from Bandai, which in my opinion is one of the most interesting Dragon Ball 3D representation… I got others type of Dragon Ball toys, but this one is my favorite…

just look at those details, and even more interesting is that hearth warming scene which includes suepr strong Saiyan father taking his sons for a ride
this pics just want to show you that…while strong, the Saiyan could also do some daily tasks such riding a car or dropping their kids to the nearest school ^^’

important note: please wears helmet while driving any motorcycle X D

Happy Halloween 2010

Rei Ayanami – Halloween mini Display version
Manufacturer: Sega Prize
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

mummified Rei wish you a Happy Halloween, have fun trick or treating tonight guys!!

this supposed to be a “one liner-wish card” entry for the festive, should I give a short review for that figure??
oh well, won’t hurt much I guess

Rei’s dressing up for the Halloween, she became a mummy who just raised from her tomb

this Sega’s mini display figure got 4 very interesting characters assortment, that really could convey the original characteristic of each heroines from the series!!
off course, my favorite is Rei, she designed to be a mummy, pretty smart, they’re using her Bandage version image… as for the other character, there are Misato who became a Succubus (it’s SO her, admit it guys), Asuka in witch dress, and Ibuki Maya who become a Grim Reaper sitting on Zuruel the angel

I highly recommended this sets, all of the characters are perfectly detailed and got a strong character concept!!
I also heard bout the second run series, where they changed the color of this original one and added up some Glow in the Dark (GID) parts!! I should start hunting…

Scarlet Magician

Magired – Trading Figure Ranger Strike Solid series 1
Origin: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Manufacturer: Bandai

Mahou Sentai Magiranger or more well known as Magic Squadron Magiranger in US market is a super sentai series for the year 2005

although I’m not a fans of super sentai series, but back then I really dig the concept on this series, which I considered to be really unique…really stand-out among other super sentai theme!!

so the theme for this series is wizardry, or magic to be more precise…
each of the team member, which usually differ in five colors, have their own unique element regarding to the magic basic elements!!
red-> alchemy/fire
yellow-> potions/thunder
blue-> fortune telling/water
pink-> transformation/wind
green-> herb/earth

move on to the trading figure, this Ranger Strike Solid series definitely is one of my favorite trading figure, tamashii has done it again, bravooo!!
there are total of five figure-consist of 3 human characters and 2 robots… as for the characters, there are a variant version for each character, which why I really love this series!! the metallic color!!
that beautiful metallic color, the one we usually could find on any SIC action figure

I don’t know why,but this trading figure series seems to be not very popular here in my country… some of the local store have a big sale on this series… could it be the same happen in Japan?? cause until now they haven’t release the second series/wave yet…

well, a great figure with a great price cause no one want them is a big catch for me! ;)

I’ll review the other human characters soon, the Abaranger and the Vuleagle

Orange Rage

Buster Machine no.7-Nono
Origin: Diebuster
Back: Monsiuer Bome version, Front: Bandai version

Nono, a goofing-off waitress that turn out to be an android, as well as the strongest buster machine!!
this character got two strong characteristics that won us over, as Nono and Buster Machine 7
as Nono, she’s very interesting in that clumsy attitude
as Buster Machine no.7, she got that arrogant-charismatic aura all over her

I love both of her side,and for now I’ll talk a bit bout her as the Buster Machine no7

why took two manufacturer version for this character?
because both of them produce totally different version IMO,
The Kaiyodo/Monsiuer Bome version got a dazzling orange-ish finish, cool wind blown hair and scarf effect, exclusive-looked standbase, plus a proportional body figure of her as a Buster Machine= tall yet ooooh so sexy

but she’s missing her raging facial expression in this version, as well as her “Gainax-style” arms
that’s why I took the Bandai version, though smaller and with a standard SOC style standbase, this version is not without it’s own charms… she comes with lot of accessories, including different face expression and weapons, her hair looks great in clear orange finish, plus the “powering-up” effect on her hair and scarf, you don’t wanna mess up with this girl!!

and why not bought the Wave version?
uuuum.. let just say that I don’t like Buster Machine in cutey mode, heheh…

King’s ROAR

Rathalos / Rioreus (Japanese)
Trading Figure – Chouzoukei Damashii Monster Hunter #1
Manufacture: Bandai
Origin: Monster Hunter video games

watch out hunter!!!
here comes the king, and he’s ready to blast those fireballs
Rathalos, my favorite creature from Capcom’s legendary video game, the Monster Hunter…
I remembered playing this game for the first time in the Playstation2 platform years ago
took almost an hour for me to hunt that Yian Kut Ku and Cephadrome for the first time, heheh
what a masterpiece, truly fabulous game concept… free roaming, RPG + skill based game, thousand of weapons and suits to make, and the best feature (especially for the PSP version), it is a multiplayer game
if you are a gamer and haven’t play it yet… dude!! grab one ASAP, seriously…

and here’s one of the most famous creature from that series, the Rathalos
I know I know, he’s not the toughest, nor the scariest, and even we might easily hunt one down, or maybe two with his female counterpart, but for me, he is the true mascot of the series
he got that charisma, and… c’mon guys, just level with me, the very first time you encounter this monster, you must be at least scarred silly right..?? he looks like the ultimate or the most epic boss you think you’ll encounter within the game right?
that’s why I still love him till now, even though you can easily “play” with him while bringing that hammer, like you know… he flew, he landed, he roared, he shoots fireball, aaaand… it’s HAMMER TIMEEEE!!
he offered you his weakness point to be hit, just like one of those carnival’s skill game, what a nice guy X D

um, he come with 3 color variants within the series, this original, Azure one and as his toughest color, the Silver one
the female counterpart or the Rathian is in the 2nd series of this trading figure line, with another 3 color variations but with a scarier pose, the poison Backflip attack!! I’ll scoop her later

hunters, be prepare to be hunted…
but for some pro players, this creature is the one who should be scarred

Haro Collection

Haro Collection
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Series (Kidou Senshi Gundam)

Haro, lovable mascot from the Gundam series
date back from the first Gundam series time line until the more modern one, this rounded shape robot always make lot of appearances

with its cute limited speech/tagline and flapping ear-like hatch, it become a very popular mascot to the Sunrise’s masterpiece series

originally, Haro was built by Amuro Ray, a legendary pilot who’s also the first known New Type pilot
notice his present in the series’ early show?
remember Amuro’s room? the one with many electronic gizmos and gadgets, yupe…it’s right there, rolling behind Amuro and his desk

Bandai release a trading figure series especially for this mascot, where it got many color scheme variations…almost TOO many ^^’ I’m just collecting some to keep remember this mascot

this trading figure come with a stand base, which is very crucial cause Haro itself is rounded shape, almost impossible to be able to stand by itself
and also it got a nice feature, you could actually open the ear-like hatch and see some nice details in there

oh, the big pink one way in the back is actually a gashapon case, made by Megahouse to store some of their Gundam characters gashapon

Space Yoko R-Style

Yoko Littner – Space Outfit
R-Style Trading Figure
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Gurren Laggan

Gurren Laggan, another futuristic mecha based story from Gainax, heheh, I love that studio
those guys could really satisfied the fans with their character designs,
take Rei, Asuka or Mari for an example

and now, what more could a gun lover wanted than a beautiful red haired girl who wears hot pants and bikini on top wielding that sniper riffle? ohohohoooow, sweeet…

I’m a big fans of sniper riffles myself, especially when it is use in a right way by a hot lady
Victoria Celes, Riza Hawkeye, Sniper Wolf… they are some of my favorite female characters, and in 2007, we got Yoko Littner

I’ll scoop my other Yoko figures later, cause this one is my personal fav!!
meet this cute, sexy yet chubby version of her!! the R Style Future Yoko!!
the details are superb, love her exposed belly, cause it’s really sculpted flawlessly
she’s not too chubby, unlike her other SD version… this version still got that athletic looks

to me, cute and sexy combined together is a lethal mix…
instant kill!!! X D

Vignetteum Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi
Vignetteum Cute series Prize Item
Manufacturer: Sega
Origin: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

another cute chibi version of Haruhi!!
her face looks so bright and energetic! just the way she should be

even thought she’s a super deformed model, which mean she got a bigger head than her body, the stand could really support her well, as well as the base that shaped as a red H letter

plus point about this mini PVC is the diorama, it really suit her design
the comical design of the school, the shrubs and the… hey, who’s that stalking?

watch your back girl!!