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Crimson Troops march

Maschinen Krieger Prowler type – Crimson Troopers color scheme
1/35 Trading Figure
Manufacturer: Hobby Base
Origin: Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000

Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K,
maybe this name sounds kinda unfamiliar huh…?
how bout SF3D?

I’ll share a little bit bout this series,
back in late 1980s, there is an awesome war themed sci-fi novel/photoseries within one of the oldest Japanese hobby monthly magazine, the Hobby Japan
this series created by Japanese sculptor Kow Yokoyama and was called as SF3D… later it was renamed as Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K after several legal issues

I remember buying my first ever Hobby Japan Magazine issue, back in 1993 or 1994 if I’m not mistaken…
I saw a picture about this “Germany” style war armor, blended with several ultra cool illustration bout the pilot and the some adult-serious styling of the characters

so what’s the story about?
it’s about Earth… after a NUCLEAR WORLD WAR!! woah, scary…
in the year 2807, Earth become uninhibited due to the Nuclear World War. Years later, a group of governmental investigation team sent to investigate the condition on Earth. they discover the planet has restored itself thus making it possible for some colonists to repopulate Earth. but, this colonists also brought criminals, terrorists and mercenarists who think Earth would be a refugee’s paradise. thus another conflict and war has begun.

I said to myself, I gotta have on of this kind of realistic mecha!!
but then, they only produced model kit version of this series, no figure or whatsoever… and the model kit itself is extremely difficult to be found outside Japan… sigh, I just gave it up then…
10 years later, I finally could own some of this mecha in my most favorite form, which is trading figure!!

these 1/35 trading figure created by Hobby Base, and they ain’t messing with this one…
these figure came with CRAZYYYY details!!
while this trading figure has no articulation, but the great details could really make it up to ya!! the color scheme, the weathering, those tiny mechanistic details, and some of the parts are made from real metal!! die cast parts like chogokin!! cool!!

each mecha character came in three pose:
- Normal walking
- Opening Hatch (with great pilot and interior details)
- Flying (with a standbase, my personal fav)

can’t believe that the manufacturer declared that they won’t produce this 1/35 line ever again,
thus resulting there will be no more 1/35 trading figure of this great series from them!!

Bonus side story ;p
the only way for me who live outside of Japan to own this figure was by ordering one full box from a Japanese International toys reseller, the HLJ

one full box consist of 24 trading figures, which make it difficult for me to get… aw maaaan, can’t afford that one whole box!! >_<

but then, I got mine by making a Group Buy with my fellow collectors in Toyzhunt
it was really fun when all of us was unboxing these little mechas
here some pics of the unboxing ceremony X D

to all of my TH friends who share this whole Box with me, thank you very much guys… I really enjoyed our unboxing gathering ;)

clear SD Zakus

(from left to right)
Zaku II-S, Zaku I, Zaku II – SD Color Gundam Stage 51
Manufacturer: Bandai

I know, I know… they already appeared in this previous post
but still, I just want to emphasize that… they are my personal fav!!
glow and clear items sure are my achiless heel ^^’

first of all, they are just a repaint version of the first ever SD Color Gundam series; which is the Stage 01 series…
Bandai released a special set back then in 2004, the Stage 51 filled only with various Zaku models, also including this clear repaint from the very first original release

I’m not sure why, they looks even more awesome in this repaint color scheme…
the color itself looks brighter and more interesting,
that gradating color from clear to solid colors are awesome, and the panel lines just jumped out to our eyes

maybe they should release more of this kind of clear SD gashapon, the one with a combination of solid and clear part, instead of those annoying all clear type they release lately…

note to self: try to army build these dudes

like father like son

various Gundam gashapon and SD Color gashapon
Manufacturer: Bandai

just a random shot on some of my gashapon collection
been trying to focus more in collecting the SD gashapon version more than the normal one over these years, but seems that I also stumbled upon some irresistible normal characters as well, especially the SOG gashapon series

I bought them in separate occasions and display them in two different rooms, so it’s quite interesting for me to find out that there are some character that I got in both version, and here they are… although it’s not an update photo, sorry ^^’ the collection’s been growing over these years, but there are only 2-3 more pairing characters, and I haven’t took their group picture yet,oh well

like father like son, genes really are a strong bond…


Kubrick Eva01 Blood Color ver – Kubrick Boxset seri9
Manufacturer: Medicom
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

I xtremely LOVE this small Eva01 figure!!! why???
simply because it’s the only known red colored scheme version of that purple giant!! I think there aren’t any other EVA01 figure that come in this all dark red and black color scheme
pretty unique huh??

um,this one came from a boxed set Kubrick figure from Medicom Toys, this ninth series actually consist of three figure, this EVA01 Blood Color, Ryouji and Leliel-that ball shaped angel

Medicom released a total of 10 series of this magnificently detailed Kubick figure, almost all of the characters and mechas already been “kubrickfied” by them!! even some of the figure are a “never been created before” action figure!! such as the Sandalphon, Giant of Light and Keel Lorenz from SEELE!!

one of my treasure from the good ol’ days, where cool figures are still released in regular/non-limited run…
I missed those good ol’ days…

Baby Votoms

SD gashapon Scopedog
Origin: Votoms
Manufacturer: Bandai

bought this cool deformation of the Scopedog couple years ago from one of my trip to Tokyo, for only 80 yen…
I never knew that Bandai also release the SD color gashapon version of Votoms character!! and this one is the only character I found in an old figure store around Akiba

wish I knew sooner bout this series, I’ll collect all of the character
the only picture I found for this series is this one:

woah, look at that!! there’s Brutish Dog, Berserga, snapping turtle and more!! aaaaaw, now I really wish I bought a full set years ago!!

huff, guess I could try to complete this series in the next following years

Glossy EVA 01

EVA-01 Action Figure
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo (Repain Limited version 2001)
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

EVA 01 is the main mecha character within the famous Neon Genesis Evangelion series

this action figure’s finishing color is simply stunning, Kaiyodo wasn’t just fooling around when they reissuing this figure with a different finishing color, they really did spice up the deal!! a true metallic purple,just like the one that you could find in any chogokin toys, but with far different price ;)

this action figure got only a few limited-articulation, but still loaded with some nice accessories, which are the riffle, gun, progressive knife, couple of hands to hold em, Shinji mini figure and the best one for me is the Plug Cable Cord, it was my first EVA figure with that kind of accessories back then

um, just a warn for you guys, this figure tend to bend, careful when placing them on the edges area of your display shelves

Purple Unicorn

Zeta Karaba (Amuro Ray’s)
Trading Figure – STANDart 4th series
Manufacturer : Bandai, designed by Volks
Origin : Gundam 0087 Green Divers (Gundam Evolve 9th)

It’s Zeta Gundam with a different color scheme, called the Zeta Karaba!
Karaba, like AUEG, is an organization which opposed the supremacy of the Titans in the early UC series (Zeta timeline)
but unlike AUEG, Karaba’s operation scope limited only within the Earth

the best part is…Amuro Ray, one of the UC legend (beside my hero Char ;) ) become one of Karaba’s member
and this Zeta unit, which could only be seen in short CGI films called the Green Divers, is his ride

once I heard that this color variant is in the forth STANDart series, I jumped to the nearest hobby store only to bought this one…
those Volks guys could really spiced up the original design, A LOT!!
just looks at the magnificent details and the bulky design

the only downer is, like all of the STANDart line, the figure is small, really small -_-’
barely stand for 3 inch tall, almost at the same size as the Bandai
Gundam gashapon line
they really should make a bigger one for this Volks’ masterpiece

oh, it doesn’t came with that hangar, I just used an old model kit set of Hasegawa’s Maccross for that shot ^^’

Dare to be Different

Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom and Scopedog normal
Original series : Votoms
Manufacturer : K-T Figures (Kaiyodo Takara)

anyone into this Japanese classic real robot series?
the catch here is, this mecha series looks so realistic, almost all of it’s fans are hardcore military gimmick fans as well
the TV series aired in Japan in the 80′s

the Red Shoulder is a custom unit which got more “possess” than the normal one

this dudes came from a trading figure series made by KT Figures, with a neat features:

the cockpit could hatch and give us a really detailed view of the pilot and the cockpit itself

a real beauty
small, but got an unique feature and great details, must have for mecha fans!!


SD Zaku from various SD Color Gundam series (gashapon)
Manufacturer: Bandai

heheh, my most favourite grunt from Japanese mecha series all the time!!
Zaku is one of the most famous grunt mecha from Japanese legendary mecha series, Kidous Senshi Gundam / Mobile Suit Gundam

and as a Zeon mechas big fans, I’m collecting almost every variations of Zaku
this time, it’s the SD version’s chance to got all the spotlight, later I’ll share another figure type of this green dudes