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nature’s wonder

Origin: Baka Tensai Bakabon

this’ll be my last figure-related gibberish for this year, heheh…

my favorite character from Japanese comdey manga!!
presenting to you, wonder of our mother nature, the weirdest among weird, ladies and gentlemeeen, please welcome UNAGIINU!! \^0^/

in case you never heard bout this character, he is an original and iconic character from Japanese legendary comedy series, Baka Tensai BAKABON!!
hum… let’s see… unagi in English means eel, while inu means dog… so, is this a crossbreed among ‘em both?!?!
this famous crazy character is a crossbreed among those two animal
his father is a dog who walk past a fish shop and met one very attractive female eel, and they decided to get married… crazy huh? well, if you read the manga, this won’t sounds so crazy, cause there are thousands of another crazy concept within that manga!!

enough bout the character background, this figure is actually a sofubi, one that made out of PVC and came without any articulation… more like a designer toy IMO
the detail is quite amazing; that glossy-wet look black color of his skin, his detailed tail, and even if you looked down, he got that “X” mark as his belly button… sooo manga style!! X D

I got mine already re-packaged and sold in Super Position Osaka… so I have no ideas regarding the manufacture, original price and the production year of this unique toy… I would really appreciate if anyone of you can help me with those information ^^
the one thing that I know, he came with various alternate colors… from purple, yellow to even green!! and as usual, the original color is the most expensive one… spent quite lot of money for this little dude >_<

here's another photo of him while he's hanging around the pond

please share any information you got incase you now something more bout this toy, I’m dead curious, especially to see the original packaging and to know more bout the manufacturer

well then, till next year!!

Merry Xmas 2010

Rei Ayanami
Christmas Eve Party Mini Display Figure
Manufacture: Sega Prize
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Merry Xmas guys!!
may this Xmas be filled with love, peace and joy for everyone ^^

hey look!! there’s Santa on the roof, and it’s not just the ordinary Santa, it’s a gloomy blue-haired one… and thanks God she came without beard X D

here’s another ultra cute version of Rei, she’s dressed-up in order to warm up this chilly season, by becoming the world’s cutest Santa, heheh…

this figure ornament is not so great compared to the other characters within this line that got a lot more colors and tiny details, but hey, the finishing color is just so good!! almost PVC like!! you know, that flat finish effect?
I really love her armless Santa suit, so sexy… paired up with those boots and gloves… the most interesting details of this figure IMO is her facial expression, she looks surprised while trying to get that toys sack down the chimney

not bad for a 2 inches figure that you could get for 800yen ($8) huh…?

there are three other characters in this “Christmas Eve Party Mini Display Figure” line produced by Sega, which are: Asuka, Misato and Hikari, one of the most unseen character X D

anyway, enjoy your holiday guys!!

third ultimate moeness!!!

Sachiel XX nano!
Manufacturer: Wave Corporation
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

the third epic cuteness!! Sachiel in nano form X 3

okay, okay, I got a lot of explaining to do…

first of all, this is one of the angel or enemy within Neon Genesis Evangelion series, one of the most notable because this angel is the first ever angel fighting the EV 01 piloted by Shinji in the series…
so, if got hooked up by the battle scene within Evangelion, I bet you got the great first impression from this battle scene!!

the real fact is,
Sachiel in the angelology is an Archangel with the task of “covering the God” and usually associated with the zodiac of Sagittarius

okay, so what happen with this one? why Sachiel looks so cute instead of a bony huge brownish giant with two faces like in the anime/manga series?

back in 2006, Wave corporation collaborate with Yoshizaki Mine, creator of Keroro Gunso created a line of female anthropomorphized / humanoid version of several angels within the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, called teh EVA XX… the ultra cuteness is a sudden kill for me, I bought several angels in an instant…

then, they collaborated once more in order to develop something even diabolical cute by creating a moefication of that EVA XX line, which is this EVA XX nano! line

I’ll review the real form of Sachiel and his EVA XX form later kay…
for now, let’s enjoy the cuteness instead

vintage Rei’s bikini

Rei Ayanami in Bikini – Visual Package Figure
Manufacturer: Sega Prize
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

more Rei coming up!!
just realized that my “Neon Genesis Evangelion” tag still lack a lot more reviews, so I just rounding up some of the old collection for now

this Visual package Figure of Rei line released following the Rei Ayanami’s Raising Project video games in Dreamcast years ago, I also into that hype, maybe I’ll talk bout that video game bundle later
Rei never wear this kind of swimsuit or even bikini within the series offcource…

the thing about this figure is, it’s kinda small… the same size as a trading figure, while usually Sega release a PVC scale size figure… but hey, they gave you a biiiiig premium chrome poster with each of every figure within this line, guess no complain there..

this figure could really capture that “classic” look of her, and her hair is kinda purple colored, like those old gashapon version of Rei, not bad…
there are also two other version of her within the series, which are cat and apron version

Rei’s Party

Ayanami Rei – Prize item, Party Time 1st series
Manufacturer: Sega
Origin: Neon genesis Evangelion

it’s Rei’s bday party, and you all invited!!
I won’t even believe that Rei would throw a bday party…

it’s another one of those Sega’s thematic prize item line for Evangelion

there are also Asuka in Chinese dress and Ibuki Maya in party dress within this Party Time series
they also released a second run for this line, with differentiated color scheme for each one of them
in that second run, Rei come in an exact same dress, only colored in black… I prefer this original sky blue version thank you, it looks kinda match with her beautiful hair,heheh…

Orange Rage

Buster Machine no.7-Nono
Origin: Diebuster
Back: Monsiuer Bome version, Front: Bandai version

Nono, a goofing-off waitress that turn out to be an android, as well as the strongest buster machine!!
this character got two strong characteristics that won us over, as Nono and Buster Machine 7
as Nono, she’s very interesting in that clumsy attitude
as Buster Machine no.7, she got that arrogant-charismatic aura all over her

I love both of her side,and for now I’ll talk a bit bout her as the Buster Machine no7

why took two manufacturer version for this character?
because both of them produce totally different version IMO,
The Kaiyodo/Monsiuer Bome version got a dazzling orange-ish finish, cool wind blown hair and scarf effect, exclusive-looked standbase, plus a proportional body figure of her as a Buster Machine= tall yet ooooh so sexy

but she’s missing her raging facial expression in this version, as well as her “Gainax-style” arms
that’s why I took the Bandai version, though smaller and with a standard SOC style standbase, this version is not without it’s own charms… she comes with lot of accessories, including different face expression and weapons, her hair looks great in clear orange finish, plus the “powering-up” effect on her hair and scarf, you don’t wanna mess up with this girl!!

and why not bought the Wave version?
uuuum.. let just say that I don’t like Buster Machine in cutey mode, heheh…

Vignetteum Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi
Vignetteum Cute series Prize Item
Manufacturer: Sega
Origin: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

another cute chibi version of Haruhi!!
her face looks so bright and energetic! just the way she should be

even thought she’s a super deformed model, which mean she got a bigger head than her body, the stand could really support her well, as well as the base that shaped as a red H letter

plus point about this mini PVC is the diorama, it really suit her design
the comical design of the school, the shrubs and the… hey, who’s that stalking?

watch your back girl!!

Seras, the Draculina

Seras Victoria (Celes Victoria)
Manufacturer: Yamato
Origin: Hellsing

Seras, a female police who became a draculina (female dracula) after being bitten by Allucard in Hellsing series

in case you don’t know bout the series, it’s a great spin of vampire story in a modern setting, where Draculas roam the earth, become enemy of the Church, and then the Church itself make a special force of anti vampire troops to wipe em all.. and our hero within that troops is a vampire himself!!
you just reversed “Dracula” word, then you got yourself a bad ass – not so good hero of the series: Alucard!
he met with a dying ultra cute British police woman who ready to devote herself for him, and there you go.. the beginning of the story

I really like this character, but not when she acts very annoying which usually happen a lot in the anime/tv series

this SF EX series from Yamato is a great representative of her other, or we could say her serious and horrifying draculina form
the design of her left arm is really cool! more like a gothic doodling design that really match her wine colored uniform that she wear
only problem is, Yamato provided us with a small horizontal stand base that couldn’t really support her broad slash heavy left arm, which make this figure bend a little to the front

oh yeah,
they also produced a repaint version of this series, with pink hair and white uniform, definitely I’m not crazy bout that!! that color scheme really make her looks less “dark” or serious, one of the worse color variant ever in my opinion, nuff said

Three Bunnies

Suzumiya Haruhi Bunny Girl ver – all color variants
Origins: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (Melancholy)

wai, three bunnies
there are a black one, a white one and a red one, cuteeee :3

ahem, this is actually a girl in a bunny suit, and the girl is an otaku Diva that took over animes world in 2008-2009, Suzumiya Haruhi
I think her popularity is beyond boundaries, many people in the states know her very well

started as a light novel in 2003 or 2004 (kinda forget), this series became a huge BOOM within anime and otaku world

they introduce the characters into various costume within the series, such as cheerleader, maid, gothic loli, etc, but this one is my personal favorite!!
I should hand it over to this series, they could really make the bunny suit became popular event outside the pub ^^’
the series actually rekindle my love for Bunny Suit that has been long gone

well, here’s the three famous color variants, I bought each of them in different forms (PVC, trading figure, Figumate), so i don’t need to collect three in each line X D
probably, I’ll do a single review for each of the items in the picture later

Rei Nendoroid?!

Rei Ayanami-Petit Eva Deformation #1 lineup
Manufacture: Banpresto Prize Item
Original Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

naaaah, it’s not a real Nendoroid of course… but since I got this one when Nendoroid was on a high streak (around late December 2008), everyone saw this photo thought that they finally release Rei in Nendoroid line ;p

kinda obvious that it isn’t right now, but still, just wanna show this Petit version of Rei here

a decent figure, kinda big in size, almost the same size as the regular Nendoroid and the paint job’s not bad either
the biggest problem with this one is, it barely stand by it’s own feet!! even thought Banpresto gave us a specially designed stand to hold her, but it is not good enough, she keep falling by the head first -_-’

well, still a nice addition for Rei collector…