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silver wolf

Loki / Gaosilver
Ultimate Solid The Dark Heroes 1 – Gashapon
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Super Sentai Gaoranger

you must be strong, fierce and cool looking to be the bad guys…

when Bandai announce that they will release the Dark Heroes characters of their Ultimate Solid line, I jumped of excitement *literary X D

I bet almost all of tokusatsu fans out there must be wishing for a special line dedicated for their bad idols, and here it is

the first line up included Hakkaider, Kamen Rider Ouja, Shadowmoon, Dark Knight and the Gaosilver himself in his wolf form, LOKI!! almost all of the tokusatsu world’s baddies you would wish for, niceeee….

I’ll review the other character later, but right now, here comes Loki!! to tel the truth, I’m not really familiar with this character, but this gashapon design itself really stood up among the other baddies… his terrifying crescent weapon, his bluish black armor plate, his smile and glare… all of those components really announced his identity as the bad guy!!

I really love the design, even beating my fanaticism of Shadowmoon in this first line up… in my opinion, Loki got the best design + pose among the other baddies in this first line up *bravo for making my Shadowmoon looks less charismatic for the guys who sculpted him -_-’

anyway, this wolf form of Gaosilver makes his appearance in the special movie of Gaoranger, watch to movie to love him even more ;)

Black Sun

Kamen Rider Black
Front-Gashapon version
Back-Trading Figure Hyper Detail (HD) Limited series 2
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Masked Rider Black

he’s Black and he’s back!!
…… retarded opening line?? yeah I know ^^’
Kamen Rider Black is considered to be one of the most famous Kamen Rider series around the world in late 80′s… maybe it’s because the adult,complex and dramatic story or maybe it’s because somethin else…

anyway, here he is again, the Kamen Rider Black!!
we already talk bout his SIC Tamashii version, now we move on to his other figure form: trading figure and gashapon

the one on the back is Hyper Detail (HD) Limited version of Black.
he looks totally amazing!! almost 5 inch tall, nice black glossy finishing paint, superb details-especially on his eyes and those Black’s signature lines!! another good news, he comes with Shadowmoon on this series (I’ll review the Shadowmoon later) and share the same battle pose, better grab both of em!!
the only downer is the figure’s antenna…
it’s small, separated from the head and easily bent or fell off from the head… better take extra precaution when attaching those antennas

as for the one in the front, that is the gashapon version of Black
I’m not really sure what gashapon series he come from, cause I got that one loose for only 100 yen in Capsule Monster Osaka
but still, you just can’t get wrong by getting another Black figure that only cost around one buck, righty o!!
the gashapon version is still nicely detailed, even thought the paint works is kinda messy, but that’s not the main problem… the main problem is that antenna!! just look at them!! oversize antenna for a mini gashapon, ahahahahaw!! X D

Scarlet Magician

Magired – Trading Figure Ranger Strike Solid series 1
Origin: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Manufacturer: Bandai

Mahou Sentai Magiranger or more well known as Magic Squadron Magiranger in US market is a super sentai series for the year 2005

although I’m not a fans of super sentai series, but back then I really dig the concept on this series, which I considered to be really unique…really stand-out among other super sentai theme!!

so the theme for this series is wizardry, or magic to be more precise…
each of the team member, which usually differ in five colors, have their own unique element regarding to the magic basic elements!!
red-> alchemy/fire
yellow-> potions/thunder
blue-> fortune telling/water
pink-> transformation/wind
green-> herb/earth

move on to the trading figure, this Ranger Strike Solid series definitely is one of my favorite trading figure, tamashii has done it again, bravooo!!
there are total of five figure-consist of 3 human characters and 2 robots… as for the characters, there are a variant version for each character, which why I really love this series!! the metallic color!!
that beautiful metallic color, the one we usually could find on any SIC action figure

I don’t know why,but this trading figure series seems to be not very popular here in my country… some of the local store have a big sale on this series… could it be the same happen in Japan?? cause until now they haven’t release the second series/wave yet…

well, a great figure with a great price cause no one want them is a big catch for me! ;)

I’ll review the other human characters soon, the Abaranger and the Vuleagle

Blaster Form

Kamen Rider Blaster Form
Front: Gashapon – Bandai
Back: Rider Faiz Chess Trading Figure – Megahouse
Origin: Kamen Rider Faiz

Faiz’s ultimate thus strongest form, the Blaster Form
no wonder this form considered to be the most powerful one, cause Faiz get his ultimate weapon: the Faiz Blaster! looks like a big laser gun attached with a chainsaw, this oversize weapon could transform into a shotgun as well as a blade-but Faiz must use both of his hand in order to do so, woah that’s gonna hurt…

I’m not a fans of this form
I don’t really like the all-red color scheme plus the Blaster itself, looks kinda oversize for a speed type rider
I prefer the Axel form thank you… but it won’t hurt to have couple of this form figure right…

okay, Bandai gashapon version is actually great!! it is articulated in some of the basic joints and come with an accessories which is the Blaster that you can attached to its hand

while Megahouse’s Trading Figure looks more detailed and have a nice finishing color, the pose is also great btw
they make this form as the King among other characters, not surprising thought

Break the Chain!!

Kiva Form
Gashapon – Masked Rider Kiva Action Pose series
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Kamen Rider Kiva

just having a little bit fun with this gashapon, outdoor
tried to recreate those famous “parking lots” battle from the masked rider series ^^

um, bout this gashapon, it got a pretty decent articulation, we can change his pose from fighting stance to the famous Darkness Moon Break rider kick stance
it came with a standard black stand that you really should attach to its feet, cause this King of Vampire tend to fall over if it wasn’t supported by that stand

um, pretty decent details I guess, especially around the chest and face,
but as you can see, there is a little bit of a mess on mine’s face
well, it’s a gashapon afterall

Third and Fourth Warrior

Kamen Rider V3 and Riderman
Trading Figure – SIC Takumi Damashii Vol3
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Kamen Rider

Shiro Kazami, a.k.a V3, one of my favorite Showa rider… especially because of his double jump rider kiiccck!!
he was a vengeful man who actually wanted to become a Kamen Rider and carry all the burden on order to revenge the death of his family

he later stumbled upon a worthy enemy created by Destron to kill him, that is the Riderman, the only one Kamen Rider that mask is not covering all of the actor’s face

this mini SIC version really stand up tall
V3 looks really brave and charismatic in that pose, ready to fight the Destron

and for Riderman himself, Bandai only made him as a bust in this diorama, nice details though…he later got his own full body version in the ninth line of the SIC Takumi Damashii series, I’ll review that figure later

FIRST Riders!!

Kamen Rider 1 (right) and 2 (left)
Trading Figure – Motion Figure Part 3
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Origin: Kamen Rider (Masked Rider)

that’s the two words came up to my mind back then in 2005 when Sunrise studio announced they are remaking the original Kamen Rider TV series into a big screen movies

even though usually I would worship originality, but I actually like this remake film, seems like a different kind revival of the original series to me
first of all, the suits in the movie are totally modern!! they got more realistic, just like a motorist jacket plus eccentric helmet to be precise, so realistic
and I also love the glossy finish and color scheme change of these two legends
it even get better in the second series of the movie, which is the NEXT, they got more copper-ish colors

okay enough about the movie, how bout the figures? this trading figure series from Banpresto is actually a nice one, they got loads of articulations, some spare hands and accessories plus a stand base (not shown in the pic), and each of them got a variant figure with the famous rider kick pose

you could make different poses and change their accessories as well, not bad…
but you should be really careful when changing those hands, cause the pegs that is connecting the hand with the arm are actually quite fragile, do not push nor pull too hard,seriously… I broke mine -_-’

I’ll review some other riders from this trading figure series later

SD Zolda

Kamen Rider Zolda – SD Keychain
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Kamen Rider Ryuuki

Kamen Rider Zolda, he came from a kamen rider series that brought more than 10 riders in one series to us

the series itself told us about kamen rider Ryuuki,a rider who trapped in a world where every kamen rider fight each other for their own purpose, the first time ever Sunrise studio make that concept

enough bout the series,this green dude isn’t the main character, but he got a lot of fans who fall in love with his armament, he’s like the Heavy Armour Gundam of the Kamen Rider series

I picked up him just because I already collected some SD gashapon of kamen rider before, but this Keychain version definitely got the BEST details among them…just compare him to the other SD version that already released by Bandai, on the lest is the finger doll gashapon series and on the far right is the snap fit gashapon series
and even for a keychain, it could stand by his own tiny feet

my… what an age we live in :p

SIC Tamashi – Black

Kamen Rider Black – SIC Tamashii Vol 7
Manufacturer: Bandai

Kamen Rider, or better know as Masked Rider in the western market, one popular heroes icon series from Japan
and kamen rider Black is one of the most famous rider from the Shouwa era, back then in the 90′s

this trading figure came from the 7th line-up of the series, which is my personal favorite cause there are also Shadowmoon and Ryuuga in the line up, I’ll review them later

this little fellow got superb details, the one that we usually expect from the Super Imaginative Figure (SIC) series
but in my opinion, this 3 inch version is better than the regular 6 inch, it’s because the details in this one are just better
for instance, there isn’t any wing accessories in the regular one, plus the Black’s color is more glossy and accurate on the trading figure

he also got his own bike

while in the regular version, Bandai never release any Battle Hopper yet, only a third party company ever made three version of the bike
well, we have to buy another box and pray if we got lucky and got the battle hopper, but it was worth it
the battle hopper’s details are also stunning, just look at the wheels and the seam line details it got