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nature’s wonder

Origin: Baka Tensai Bakabon

this’ll be my last figure-related gibberish for this year, heheh…

my favorite character from Japanese comdey manga!!
presenting to you, wonder of our mother nature, the weirdest among weird, ladies and gentlemeeen, please welcome UNAGIINU!! \^0^/

in case you never heard bout this character, he is an original and iconic character from Japanese legendary comedy series, Baka Tensai BAKABON!!
hum… let’s see… unagi in English means eel, while inu means dog… so, is this a crossbreed among ‘em both?!?!
this famous crazy character is a crossbreed among those two animal
his father is a dog who walk past a fish shop and met one very attractive female eel, and they decided to get married… crazy huh? well, if you read the manga, this won’t sounds so crazy, cause there are thousands of another crazy concept within that manga!!

enough bout the character background, this figure is actually a sofubi, one that made out of PVC and came without any articulation… more like a designer toy IMO
the detail is quite amazing; that glossy-wet look black color of his skin, his detailed tail, and even if you looked down, he got that “X” mark as his belly button… sooo manga style!! X D

I got mine already re-packaged and sold in Super Position Osaka… so I have no ideas regarding the manufacture, original price and the production year of this unique toy… I would really appreciate if anyone of you can help me with those information ^^
the one thing that I know, he came with various alternate colors… from purple, yellow to even green!! and as usual, the original color is the most expensive one… spent quite lot of money for this little dude >_<

here's another photo of him while he's hanging around the pond

please share any information you got incase you now something more bout this toy, I’m dead curious, especially to see the original packaging and to know more bout the manufacturer

well then, till next year!!

Santa and the Snowman

LEGO Holiday Seasonal Set #10068 Santa Claus (Bagged)
LEGO Holiday Seasonal Set #10079 Snowman (Bagged)
Manufacturer: Lego

let’s start bringing the holidays spirit into this site!!
Xmas and New Year are just weeks away, and what good is Xmas without SANTA!! yay!!

here’s Santa, in Lego Basic shapes… accompanied by (or maybe making) a Snowman as his companion!!
these two basic sets actually a Seasonal special bagged sets from Lego, there are others Xmas themed basic sets, such as the Christmas Tree (Set #10069) and Rudolph the Reindeer (Set #10070)

hey look!! Santa’s holding a bag in his right hand, let’s hope that his bag is filled with toys for all of us, who already being extra nice this whole years ;) this is a nice ornament addition for the 10068 Santa set, and also Santa looks even more friendly with his left hand waving to us!!

while for the 10079 Snowman, they added a leaf rake for Frosty to hold up, so it looks differ from the other Snowman basic set, the one with the shorter hat

hope something special happens to you, for this is the Christmas Eve!!

clear Venom

Venom Paperweight
Clear version SDCC exclusive 2007
Manufacturer: Monogram International Inc.
Origin: Marvel Comics

who doesn’t know Venom…
he’s one of the most famous rival of Spiderman as well as one of the most famous villain in Marvel Universe

originally created by Todd Mc Farlane’s himself, this gooey symbiote already assimilate with the hearts of thousand fans, heheh
one of the most notorious character in Marvel series, but not so evil either, cause sometimes he still try to help people and even fight side by side with Spidey

the most famous host for this symbiote was Eddie Brock, a reporter in Peter Parker’s non superhero daily life, whose live was ruined by “incidentally” by Spiderman, causing his deep hatred to Spiderman over the time being

move on to the figure, or should I say: bust
this bust is the SDCC exclusive paperweight version of Venom created by Monogram, an American company which famous for their novelties gift and products
they already produced several Marvel iconic characters in bust and even full body statue version as paperweights

I missed my first chance to get him on the shelf, sigh…. but later, my girl found another one in her trip to Spore, thanks a lot hun ^^

okay, the thing about this bust is, it looked more like an unpainted or even unfinished version of the original bust, but I still love clear or transparent figure, meh, maybe it’s just me
can’t really complain regarding the details and pose, it’s fair enough… the only thing that annoy me is the head, kinda overly oval shaped IMO
but please keep in mind that this paperweight bust only cost roughly bellow 18 bucks, while the normal price for a bust is around 50 USD to infinity, heheh

so I’ll say, the Paperweight busts line produced by Monogram is a rather nice choice for anyone to start their bust collection, check out the cool looking Captain America and Wolverine in this exact series

note: I scheduled this entry for 25 November 2011 by mistake, so I just back dated this entry
now that’s a really loooong time planning huh ^^’

Scary Ghost

Scary Ghost – Special 4650
Manufacturer: Playmobil

the toy with a smile…
Playmobil is a Germany based kids toy manufacturer
the idea was, making a 7.5 inch toy with a simple design and non harming parts for children to carry around…
at last, the toy itself got some basic template design and lot of accessories, making this figure an adult fav collectibles as well, almost the same as Lego’s minifigs
I’ve been collecting some of the Special series, especially the horror, pirates and knight theme…

since it’s almost Halloween, I’ll bring out my most favorite horror themed Playmobil figure, the Scary Ghost!!

okay, first of all, this figure got lot of accessories accompanying the original body with some skeletal glowing parts; which are that prison ankle-chain, chandelier, and the Glow in the Dark (GID) ghost blanket, supoirb!!

here are the body of the figure plus the accessories

and here he is in one of my signature pitch black photography tech, he’s coming near to ya with his scary bug minions

Captain’s seaside villa

Lego System 1991
Smuggler’s Shanty – NO 6258

aaarrrghhhh mateeeey, it’s time to parteeeeeyyy
well, pirates still need a seaside villa to rest y’know ^^’

heheh, another “just for fun” shot on one of my earliest Lego set, the Smuggler’s Shanty

the original set came with 3 minifigs; 2 of them are pirates, a boat and a treasure chest plus that favorite Lego’s shark, neat!!
it’s a great choice within the small set category…

for this photo shot, I’ll added some pirates minifigs from the Pirate Mini Figure sets 6251
I’ll talk bout that other set later

here’s the original box image, courtesy of the world’s greatest Lego database: Lugnet
dating back then in 1991 this set is pretty popular and easy to get, nice

underwater buddies

Spongebob and Squidward
Manufacturer: Mattel
Origin: Spongebob Squarepant

very unique cartoon series created by a marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg
The Spongebob Squarepants become Nickelodeon’s big hit, the series airing since 1999 til now, woahoooow… Simpsons, you got your competition right here, heheh

what makes people love Spongebob?? for me, the main reasons are because of the unique concept, environment and strong characters within this cartoon!!
I’ve been very curious and a big fans of underwater creatures in all of my childhood life, but not until 1999 that I got a cartoon that portrayed underwater sea life as unique as this!! just imagine, a workaholic sea sponge shaped like a kitchen sponge… be friend an underwater squirrel… buddy up with a depressed squid & not so bright sea star, work for a greedy crab, have a snail as a pet and even become an apprentice of a blowfish?? very unique indeed…

even the storyline still suit me as a working guys, could learn a lot from Spongebob’s working spirit y’know…

okay, enough bout the cartoon series, I found this action figure from Mattel to be very interesting!! you could not find many Spongebob characters figure here in my country, but this one really stand out!!!
just look at that bubble-shaped card, very underwater indeed
and the graphic on the card is also so “Spongebob-like” looking!! those flowers, the orange Jellyfish, that color… so Bikini Bottom!! I won’t open the card… NEVER!!

okay, the main problem for this figure line is… there is no other character other than Spongebob and Squidward!! they made two version of Spongebob, this jellyfish huntign version and bubble blowing one, but they don’t make Patrick, Garry, Mr. Krab, Sandy, etc!!

can anyone confirm bout this? is there really is no other character than Sponegbob and Squidward within this line?

Face off

Megablock Orc-Right, Lego Orc-Left

on the right corner, wearing green trouser, standing 2 inch tall and wielding a giant axe, the Megablock’s OOORC!!
and on the left, wearing brown trouser, standing 2 inch tall and wielding a giant sword, the Legoooooo’s OOORC!!

just a fun comparison between these two minifigs design, one from Denmark’s legendary manufacturer; Lego and one from North America’s growing manufacturer; Megablock
I chose Orc character ’cause they have some similar basic designs

um, their height are almost the same, ’round 2 inch tall, as well as their body size…
the biggest different come from their body template, while Lego’s have that familiar cubism body template, Megablock offer us a more detailed and contoured body template
their both using some kind of brown loin cloth in to cover their body, but Megablock’s Orc seems to forgot using his trouser, woah ow… should I give a NSFW tag here X D
Lego’s came with some of those decals to give detail for the Orc’s face and cloth, while Megablock used paint to detail the face and gave some kind of dry brush effect
as I said before, Lego offered us one body template for their Orc minifigs (but with several different color scheme), while Megablock tried to give some variations by making 3 or more different head designs for the Orc’s head, notably on their horns shape
as for their weapon, Lego provided these green dudes with mass produced giant blades and shields, while Megablock give a little bit variations for their weapon,including giant hammers, some tribal stick, saws, shield, etc.
eeer, should I take a picture of their weapons…? naaaah

that’s it for now, just comparing the two toys design for a sec
do you think Megablock’s minifig could have some serious fans just like Lego’s?

Tomica X Lego Minifigs

Toyota Will and Couple of Lego Minifigs

you know those minifigs that Tomica produce to be paired with their Die Cast line?
kinda hard to find here in my country…

then, I improvised by crossing the Minifigs from Lego to be paired with these die cast!! to recreate some diorama or cut scene, as in this one, it should be capturing an event where mechanic is repairing some city folk’s broken car

but I failed miserably ^^’
well, the first thing that went wrong is… the scale difference!!
it could be seen from the pics, that Lego’s minifigs are way to big for the car’s scale

well, just try and learned I guessed…
really should get me some of those Tomica minifigs then

Retro Tanks

Tank Tin Toys – 3 variant colors

heheh, bought these cuties in an independence day bazaar years ago

kinda cheap, but really worth the price ^^b
first of all, they are tin toys a.k.a made of metal, then the conveyor also made of rubber, there are three color variants, and the best part is: it is a wind up toy, just like the usual tin toy

not sure about the manufacturer, probably it is a product of China
only cost around 5 dollar for three of  ‘em, great price for somethin looks that retro

Brig’s Prisoner

Lego System 1991
Broadside’s Brig – NO 6259

my most played Lego set, this is the first fortress type set in the Pirates series that I got back then

this set is a lot of fun!!
I always imagines some pirates attacked this Brig to free their friend held in there

actually, this set only came with 3 minifigs, one pirates, one imperial officer, and an imperial soldier, I just added another one in this photo