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CBR (ceboru)
Manufacturer: Midz Toyz

ah… my first figure related post for this year…
think I’ll started this year with something filled with new hope then, an upcoming local urban toy template!!

it’s called CBR by its creator; – Midz Toy
that’s an abbreviation for “ceboru”, a word that’s crossing between Indonesian word “cebol” (en:midget) with Japanese hiragana style

the name’s a little bit confusing perhaps ^^’
but this is a great future template IMO!!

there are several other well-known Indonesian urban toy templates, such as Suzuka, Chobits, Bulby and others that sized more than 5 inch tall, almost like those mini Munny from Kidrobot

CBR stand only an inch tall, or at least that’s the size of the prototype figure that Midz and his friend kindly gave to me on the previous Toy Fair on December last year
it got only one articulation, on the neck, so one could separate it’s head with the body for detailing purpose, not bad…

I love small scaled figures, and prefer smaller template such 2.5 inch blank Qees or 100% blank bearbrick to bigger one… thus this CBR could be the next big thing for me!!

Midz Toy already produced several prototypes, each colored in different one tone version… the most interesting color for me is those clear version!! I know, they are just a clear resin, but still!!
just look at the one that I got, it’s amber colored!! I already fantasizing how to make an interesting custom out of this one…

can’t wait for the future release of CBR Midz!! best online casinos canada

Lucky Luke
Manufacturer: Plastoy
Origin: Lucky Luke Romic (European Comic)

don’t know what happen to my scheduling system here, but this post should already be up from last week T_T

greatest cowboy known by man, an American hero in the wild west era created by an European artist, ladies and gentleman, I give youuu……..Lucky Luke!!
a character created by Belgium well-known cartoonist, Maurice de Bevere, or better known as Mr. Morris

he created this character, a wondering cowboy hero who always fight for justice (and the girls, ahem) who lived in the wild wild west era, that soon become a global European Comic phenomenon just like Asterix…

as a kid, I really enjoyed reading Lucky Luke comics published by the local publisher here in my country, but one time, when my auntie got a business trip to Europe, she brought me the original comic of Lucky Luke, then I just realized that this cowboy is not really originated from US, with all of those French words that I could not understand at all back then X D

the comic itself is soooo classic!! the good guy helping out the sheriff or major to get rid of the baddies from their town, fighting bank robbers, gun dueling at noon, smoking under the blue sky and simply ridding on his trustee companion, Jolly Jumper’s back while walking towards the sunset and singin: “I’m a poor lonesome cowboy, and a long way from home”
but that’s the beauty of it which I really enjoyed!!

oh, I wished they would produce more figure/toys of the characters from this series… right now I’m still trying to complete the notorious Dalton Bros figure online casino norge

Right: X-Raycers 2007, Left: Race World Earth 2010
Manufacturer: Hotwheels

my most favorite Hotwheel’s original concept, the Stockar!!
well, as you may already noticed, I’m crazy bout glow and transparent stuff, combination of them both is surely an EPIC WIN!! yeah!!

I first knew that Hotwheel produce some clear colored vehicle just in 2007 from their X Raycers series,
yeah… I’m totally late!! cause they actually already produced several clear version vehicles years before…
but since then, I simply hooked up on this transparent rides, cause what more a man could ask for..? It got great decals, great metallic colored rims, and a detailed GID plastic for the interior in this so called Xraycer series, wicked!!

that’s when I decided to start collecting any clear colored vehicle they produced, including such car as Vandetta, Phastasm, Scion, Paradigm Shift and others that usually released within the so called transparent series…

too bad as the years coming, the 2007 series seems to be the only time when they produced transparent cars with GID plastic as the body… just look at that 2010 series, I’m not saying those other Stockars in transparent series are loosing their charms, no sir-eee… they still looks wicked awesome, as in this 2010 series…
in their latest series, Stockar came with a total invisibility cloak!! just like miss Invisible from Fantastic Four or that jet rode by wonder Woman X D
transparent body, transparent rims, transparent wheels, transparent interior, transparent window (well duuuh), and a minimalist transparent grey decals, woahohohow… they still got it…

right now I’m on my way hunting for some transparent series of Stockar there is, and already got the yellow (2005) + Track Aces (2007) version, just still looking for the Phantom X Raycers one… never really understand why I just passed that series up back then T_T

I’ll update the family photo of this car later, for the meanwhile, enjoy the glowing Stockar performance from the 2007 X Raycers series

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my deepest condolence for the victim of Japan’s major earthquake and tsunami…

I was terribly shock when hearing about the breaking news on CNN at my office, and soon called my big family in Japan… thanks God, lot of my family lived in kansai area, including Osaka and Kyoto… as for some of my family who lived in Tokyo area, all of them were already evacuated to safer ground by the time I called them (afternoon, West Indonesia time)

let us all sincerely pray for Japan

and not only that, let us pray for all of us, for the upcoming years to come…
I mean, really… it was another big disaster in these following years!!
it just felt like disaster after disaster followed by another disaster…
hope things going to be better for all of us, the mankind

note: by the time I wrote this, people in Eastern part of Japan having a major blackout, please stay strong guys
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