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Cube Assassin

Azrael Kubrick – Batman Kubrick series
Origin: DC Comic
Manufacturer: Medicom

Azrael is my most favorite DC character
he’s an ultra violent super hero!! and more likely to be a villain than the good guys actually…

Jean Paul Valley is a computer science graduate who been brainwashed by a secret society in order to become one of the deadliest assassin of the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas society…
when his father was killed by a betraying society’s member, he later took the Azrael cloak and seek for revenge, until he crosses path with Batman and decided to fight alongside him
no wonder, these two guys are like two beans in a pod, they both want to avenge their parent’s death

later he’s taking the role as Batman when the original Batman got a terrible backpain thanks to Bane, guess I’ll talk bout that story later in other Azrael figure review then…

this Kubrick come from Batman series Kubrick line, and Azrael is the chase character since he’s not mention in any of the promotional poster or box set cover image
I was lucky to obtain him with regular price… it was just laying there, inside some hobby store showcase!!

until next Azrael short review guys


Kubrick Eva01 Blood Color ver – Kubrick Boxset seri9
Manufacturer: Medicom
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

I xtremely LOVE this small Eva01 figure!!! why???
simply because it’s the only known red colored scheme version of that purple giant!! I think there aren’t any other EVA01 figure that come in this all dark red and black color scheme
pretty unique huh??

um,this one came from a boxed set Kubrick figure from Medicom Toys, this ninth series actually consist of three figure, this EVA01 Blood Color, Ryouji and Leliel-that ball shaped angel

Medicom released a total of 10 series of this magnificently detailed Kubick figure, almost all of the characters and mechas already been “kubrickfied” by them!! even some of the figure are a “never been created before” action figure!! such as the Sandalphon, Giant of Light and Keel Lorenz from SEELE!!

one of my treasure from the good ol’ days, where cool figures are still released in regular/non-limited run…
I missed those good ol’ days…

Woody Rabbit

Grabbit Wood
Trading Figure – Touma’s Little Tricker
Play Imaginative

Finally, we could get a hands on of these critters by the end of 2009!! I know-I know, they already delayed to launch these critters that originally planned to be released in June 2008, but I guessed it’s better late than never huh?

a great blind box/trading figure series from Play Imaginative- Singapore, they made us happy with the size of these toys and the fact that you could get the whole set by buying one whole case
plus the fact that this is only their First series, there’s more coming soon enough peoples!!

I got the Wooden Scheme Grabbit from my first box, nice one!!
but they still got those glue leftover in some parts and the color looks rather soft compared to Kidrobot’s products

the secret figures are: squeezel by Dalek and Grabbit by Joe Ledbetter oh c’mon… it’s not as ecret anymore, everyone already knew that!!
I’m still looking for the electric Squeezel from this line :(

can’t wait for the second one, my favorites, the Goons are gonna be in that series ^o^/

New Species Discovered!!

Trading Figure – Joe Ledbetter Finder Keeper series

It’s a cat, NO!
it’s a caterpillar, NO!!
it’s Kittypillar!!!

hahah, just taking one Joe’s 3dimensional artwork for some outdoor exposure, I’m big fan of his art style

this one came from the “Finder Keepers”-trading figure series from Kidrobot, really love this series!!

Finder Keepers mostly contains Joe’s characters that never been made into 3d models before, the only so-called reissue from this series is the Teeter
other characters are totally new! and I got this Kittypillar when opened my first random box *thank you Kidrobot

in case you wonder, what is the mystery figure?
it’s a signed-Lava colored Teeter

I’m still looking for Crash in this series, Crash is that blue Shark
hope to find a rather cheap one soon enough

Toyer Adidas Qee

Adidas Toyer version Qee
Manufacturer: Toy2R

just continuing the yesterday’s post…

among all of the Qee’s head variants there are, my favorite would be the skeleton one, the tend to called it as “Toyer” version
in case you wonder, the standard head variants include cat, dog, bunny, monkey, cube, egg, skeleton aaaand… maybe that’s all for the standard one

this skeleton version really looked sharp, with white background and lots of details that mostly influenced by Adidas sneakers design, notice that three stripes? very nice figure, looks a lot like a corporate gimmick, but I just love Adidas – no problemo here

Adidas Qee

Qees Adidas series
Manufacturer: Toy2R

Qee series, a famous urban design key chain slash figure produce by Toy2R company
they have collaborated with some famous brands, such as Swatch, BenQ, Le Sportsac, Nokia, Benneton, MIcrosoft (Xbox) and of course Adidas
since I’m a fan of that Germany based sneaker company, I really wanted to have some of these three stripes Qees

not really sure whether this Adidas series is an exclusive promotional gimmick that Adidas give you when you buy their product or you can actually buy them in stores

I’m pretty lucky to get those bears,
one of my friend owned a sneaker showroom in one of the mall round here, he gave me those three basic color, thanks Jim ^^b
he told me that these Qees are actually “gift only” items that you can not buy,but I managed to buy some additional designs from good ol ebay…you know, what don’t they sell in there huh??

they come in a standard plastic bag,like the one that you usually got from a prize items, that makes me think that this is a gift item indeed

Cutie Carnages

comic world’s notorious psycho super villain, the Carnage!!
now in way cuter version, heheh…

I like this crazy criminal who covered with red symbiote, one of my favorite character from Stan Lee’s famous comic series

me and hundred  guys out there just love this character from the fist time we saw the radical design and the chaotic attitude,a truly formidable super villains

here’s him in cuter version, not sure bout the left one, but the middle one is a Minimates version and the one on the right is a Japanese gashapon version, one of the best urban design of him in my opinion

guess I’ll review each of them later

Where the Weirdest Things are

Knight and Hork
Manufacturer: Medicom
Original series: Evirob by Kidrobots

a rather unique urban character, original designed by the Kidrobots in 2000 or 2001, kinda forget
this characters got their own comic strip in a Japanese fashion magazine, Right’s On
very interesting story, unique character and great design

the only things here, I don’t really like the design of the main character, so I just bought some minor character from the 2nd series that I liked the best, Knight and Hork!!
still missing Spike from this series, always wanted that purple guy… maybe some other time