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gliding terror

Green Goblin
Marvel Universe 3 3/4 inch action figure
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin: Marvel Universe

Norman Osborn, one high-tech gadget industrialist who got double personalities: as a businessman and as a crazy psychopath who dressed up in Halloween costume and terrorize the city with pumpkin… yeah right, pumpkin people… but this is no ordinary pumpkin, it’s filled with stuffing…of explosion!!

he’s one of my fav super villains in Marvel comic, and I consider him to be the true arch enemy of Spiderman
if Batman got Joker, Superman got Lex Luthor, surely this one is the true enemy of good ol’ Peter Parker

Green Goblin is not a super villain who got brains only as his weapon, he also got a glider ;p
well yeah, you need a glider to catch up with that swinging spider right…?

anyway, this 3 inch version of the villain is one of the best built character among Hasbro’s 3 inch super heroes!!

what makes this figure great? the costume is comic accurate, the glider is wide and cool enough, the facial expression that just right, and the best one of all IMO is the finishing color… his goblin’s skin/scale colored in a great metallic green, the best one compare to other Green Goblin figures in my collection!! the price is also right, I got mine loose for 20 Sing Dollar with two other main characters, which were Spidey and modern armor Ironman, not baaaad..

then what’s the downer?? okay, the biggest one that I found is that pumpkin!! it looks nothin like a pumpkin!! more like one big ugly onion… aaw c’mon, pumpkin should looks bigger, or at least wider than that!! not like that tall, yellow and thin smiling onion

maybe Hasbro could add one more very interesting yet simple accessories, a transparent display stand base to hold up the glider for a flying effect, so this figure would actually be more PERFECT for everyone ;)

Hoth invasion

Snowtrooper McQuarrie’s concept
3 inch Action Figure
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin: Star Wars concept

Star Wars…oh c’mon… who doesn’t now bout this legend, so I just skipped the short review regarding this epic series ‘kay ;P
but I just can’t be that easy going >_<

um, Star Wars is a legendary space tales created by George Lucas, which already become a legendary icon of the world’s modern sci-fi culture, especially as a remarkable icon of American pop culture

the saga started from 1977 and already got a total of 7 episodes up on the silver screen, those 6 original episodes plus one animated version

I’m a fans, but not a big fans
have you seen those hardcore Star Wars fanatic fans?!? it just make me saying “I’m not worthyyyyy” ^^’

still, I really love the Star Wars action figure merchandise, it got it’s own epic tale… from those notorious 3 inch collectibles action figure to the light saber FX line, all of those merchandise could convert an ignorant into a true fans X D

there are thousands of thousand Star Wars merchandise out there…
I only collect some specific line of toys, usually the 3 inch action figure and the 12 inch… plus, I’m only collecting the guys in white, guys in black, guys in red and guys in blue, if you catch my drift…

within the 3 inch action figure line, there is a special series that I really worship, which is Mc Quarrie’s conceptual art series!!
who is Ralph Mc Quarrie’s?? he’s the original conceptual arts creators for Star Wars, plus some other sci fi legend series like Battlestar Galactica, Back to the Future, Star Trek, ET, Jurassic Park and much more!! he’s the man, that fantasy artist legend…

and these is how Snowtroopers should looks like according to Quarrie’s original concept,I really love the design…
Hasbro also doing a superb work with these guys!!
even though they only come with only one accessories (which is a long riffle) and standard 3 inch toy’s articulation, but the details on all over the armor and backpack could really pay off those flaws!! they still looks in all white snow suits, but the weathering job is awesome!! the weathering give a post battle effect, with realistic mud spots all over our white guys… even you could remove their hood from their neck and see the details of the suit’s breathing system… ultra nice, a must have figure for any Star Wars fans
maybe the only major thing that bugging me is the fact that the long riffle could not really positioned well in their arms… it’s just to long for them to hold, thus we have to bend the riffle a little for some pose

I’ll review the other toys within Mc Quarrie’s concept line later, some of them are true gem… such as the Stormtrooper and Lord Vader himself!!

in that photo, I tried to make a scene where the Snowies successfully breached the rebel’s quarters in Hoth with real ice as the base for the photo
surrender you REBEL SCUM!!

King of the Dead

The King of the Dead
Manufacturer: ToyBiz
Origin: Lord of the Ring

the Dead man of Dunharrow…
the cursed warriors who abandoned their oath to aid Isildur to fight Darklord Sauron

remember those green dudes in the third sequel of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy? they hide in a cave within a forest and later help Aragon fought in Corsairs war?? these dudes really are handy, they could easily reverse the tide of wars by their “terror and fear” super power!!

in the spirit of Halloween, let me introduce to you, the King of the Dead!!
the King of the Dead action figure looks awesome!! and it is one of the best Lord of the Ring action Figure ever released by ToyBiz for me
the details of the bones are great!! he really come in a hollowed body, only couple of bones in there, no flesh, no siree…
he come with a helmet, cape and sword as accessories, which are also glows!! I bet it would be sweet to army build this green glowing dude

here’s his appearance under normal light, still looking awesome and young X D

Khonshu’s warrior

Moon Knight
Manufacturer: Toybiz Marvel Legend series XV
Origin: Marvel

definitely he’s not one of those Marvel’s “mainstream superhero”, but I really like the concept on this Egyptian superhero!!

okay, the background story of this character…
Marc Spector, a CIA agent who later become mercenary
one day, he join a mission to Africa in order to search a Pharaoh tomb with his partner. but it turns out to be that his partner is a homicidal maniac who prefer to kill anyone for that mission, so Spector decided to take him down but he failed…
when he was badly injured, his friends lay him to die beneath the Khonshu statue… there he was gifted the power to save his life and avenge his partner by Khonshu, boom!! there you have it! a brand new Egyptian super hero!!

……. sounds cliche you say? well, okay, it does sound like other superhero’s origin… but hey!! how many Egyptian superhero are there?? plus, is there any other superhero who wear an all white cape+mantle with a mystique eerie aura around him??
I’ll say, he is one of his kind!! a great original concept character!

move on to the figure, the figure looks great!
it’s super articulated, come with two weapons as the accessories, nice detailed head area which perfectly covered under a cape, plus with a nice glossy-gray finishing color on his suit
very mysterious indeed…

but the biggest downer for me, just look at his chest area… isn’t that crescent symbol suppose to be put in the middle?? it’s way off to the left in my opinion

there is a color variant of him within this series, the silver suit variant

underwater buddies

Spongebob and Squidward
Manufacturer: Mattel
Origin: Spongebob Squarepant

very unique cartoon series created by a marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg
The Spongebob Squarepants become Nickelodeon’s big hit, the series airing since 1999 til now, woahoooow… Simpsons, you got your competition right here, heheh

what makes people love Spongebob?? for me, the main reasons are because of the unique concept, environment and strong characters within this cartoon!!
I’ve been very curious and a big fans of underwater creatures in all of my childhood life, but not until 1999 that I got a cartoon that portrayed underwater sea life as unique as this!! just imagine, a workaholic sea sponge shaped like a kitchen sponge… be friend an underwater squirrel… buddy up with a depressed squid & not so bright sea star, work for a greedy crab, have a snail as a pet and even become an apprentice of a blowfish?? very unique indeed…

even the storyline still suit me as a working guys, could learn a lot from Spongebob’s working spirit y’know…

okay, enough bout the cartoon series, I found this action figure from Mattel to be very interesting!! you could not find many Spongebob characters figure here in my country, but this one really stand out!!!
just look at that bubble-shaped card, very underwater indeed
and the graphic on the card is also so “Spongebob-like” looking!! those flowers, the orange Jellyfish, that color… so Bikini Bottom!! I won’t open the card… NEVER!!

okay, the main problem for this figure line is… there is no other character other than Spongebob and Squidward!! they made two version of Spongebob, this jellyfish huntign version and bubble blowing one, but they don’t make Patrick, Garry, Mr. Krab, Sandy, etc!!

can anyone confirm bout this? is there really is no other character than Sponegbob and Squidward within this line?

Anthony’s Squad

Anthony Carmine SDCC Exclusive and COG Soldier ver 2.0
Manufacturer : NECA
Original series : Gear of Wars

always love to make another army building set, heheh…

missed the first version of the COG soldier, kinda hard to find here in my country… so,I planned to get a couple of these guys when NECA announced to release the other version (the 2.0), got em for a decent price, around 15 bucks each

these guys came with a pair of weapons,one of them is a new one, the shotgun that only Anthony has from the first series

oh, for Anthony himself, I got him for a great price!!

as a discounted items in one of the stand in one of Jakarta’s big Toys event, got him for only 20 USD, the original price was 80 because it is a limited item

for those who curious about the differences between this limited figure than the COG soldier ver 1.0, Anthony’s got a different helmet and body armour, that are the most noticeable differences

nice one, loooove the bulky appearance, the armor details and the marking
the only downer for me is the color of the armor, it should be more metallic blue, but maybe that just me

well, at least I could always remember him this way,just like the photos told me, about his boldness and courage, rather than the silly sniper and helmet incident -_-’