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silver wolf

Loki / Gaosilver
Ultimate Solid The Dark Heroes 1 – Gashapon
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Super Sentai Gaoranger

you must be strong, fierce and cool looking to be the bad guys…

when Bandai announce that they will release the Dark Heroes characters of their Ultimate Solid line, I jumped of excitement *literary X D

I bet almost all of tokusatsu fans out there must be wishing for a special line dedicated for their bad idols, and here it is

the first line up included Hakkaider, Kamen Rider Ouja, Shadowmoon, Dark Knight and the Gaosilver himself in his wolf form, LOKI!! almost all of the tokusatsu world’s baddies you would wish for, niceeee….

I’ll review the other character later, but right now, here comes Loki!! to tel the truth, I’m not really familiar with this character, but this gashapon design itself really stood up among the other baddies… his terrifying crescent weapon, his bluish black armor plate, his smile and glare… all of those components really announced his identity as the bad guy!!

I really love the design, even beating my fanaticism of Shadowmoon in this first line up… in my opinion, Loki got the best design + pose among the other baddies in this first line up *bravo for making my Shadowmoon looks less charismatic for the guys who sculpted him -_-’

anyway, this wolf form of Gaosilver makes his appearance in the special movie of Gaoranger, watch to movie to love him even more ;)

Black Sun

Kamen Rider Black
Front-Gashapon version
Back-Trading Figure Hyper Detail (HD) Limited series 2
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Masked Rider Black

he’s Black and he’s back!!
…… retarded opening line?? yeah I know ^^’
Kamen Rider Black is considered to be one of the most famous Kamen Rider series around the world in late 80′s… maybe it’s because the adult,complex and dramatic story or maybe it’s because somethin else…

anyway, here he is again, the Kamen Rider Black!!
we already talk bout his SIC Tamashii version, now we move on to his other figure form: trading figure and gashapon

the one on the back is Hyper Detail (HD) Limited version of Black.
he looks totally amazing!! almost 5 inch tall, nice black glossy finishing paint, superb details-especially on his eyes and those Black’s signature lines!! another good news, he comes with Shadowmoon on this series (I’ll review the Shadowmoon later) and share the same battle pose, better grab both of em!!
the only downer is the figure’s antenna…
it’s small, separated from the head and easily bent or fell off from the head… better take extra precaution when attaching those antennas

as for the one in the front, that is the gashapon version of Black
I’m not really sure what gashapon series he come from, cause I got that one loose for only 100 yen in Capsule Monster Osaka
but still, you just can’t get wrong by getting another Black figure that only cost around one buck, righty o!!
the gashapon version is still nicely detailed, even thought the paint works is kinda messy, but that’s not the main problem… the main problem is that antenna!! just look at them!! oversize antenna for a mini gashapon, ahahahahaw!! X D

like father like son

various Gundam gashapon and SD Color gashapon
Manufacturer: Bandai

just a random shot on some of my gashapon collection
been trying to focus more in collecting the SD gashapon version more than the normal one over these years, but seems that I also stumbled upon some irresistible normal characters as well, especially the SOG gashapon series

I bought them in separate occasions and display them in two different rooms, so it’s quite interesting for me to find out that there are some character that I got in both version, and here they are… although it’s not an update photo, sorry ^^’ the collection’s been growing over these years, but there are only 2-3 more pairing characters, and I haven’t took their group picture yet,oh well

like father like son, genes really are a strong bond…

Orange Rage

Buster Machine no.7-Nono
Origin: Diebuster
Back: Monsiuer Bome version, Front: Bandai version

Nono, a goofing-off waitress that turn out to be an android, as well as the strongest buster machine!!
this character got two strong characteristics that won us over, as Nono and Buster Machine 7
as Nono, she’s very interesting in that clumsy attitude
as Buster Machine no.7, she got that arrogant-charismatic aura all over her

I love both of her side,and for now I’ll talk a bit bout her as the Buster Machine no7

why took two manufacturer version for this character?
because both of them produce totally different version IMO,
The Kaiyodo/Monsiuer Bome version got a dazzling orange-ish finish, cool wind blown hair and scarf effect, exclusive-looked standbase, plus a proportional body figure of her as a Buster Machine= tall yet ooooh so sexy

but she’s missing her raging facial expression in this version, as well as her “Gainax-style” arms
that’s why I took the Bandai version, though smaller and with a standard SOC style standbase, this version is not without it’s own charms… she comes with lot of accessories, including different face expression and weapons, her hair looks great in clear orange finish, plus the “powering-up” effect on her hair and scarf, you don’t wanna mess up with this girl!!

and why not bought the Wave version?
uuuum.. let just say that I don’t like Buster Machine in cutey mode, heheh…