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third ultimate moeness!!!

Sachiel XX nano!
Manufacturer: Wave Corporation
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

the third epic cuteness!! Sachiel in nano form X 3

okay, okay, I got a lot of explaining to do…

first of all, this is one of the angel or enemy within Neon Genesis Evangelion series, one of the most notable because this angel is the first ever angel fighting the EV 01 piloted by Shinji in the series…
so, if got hooked up by the battle scene within Evangelion, I bet you got the great first impression from this battle scene!!

the real fact is,
Sachiel in the angelology is an Archangel with the task of “covering the God” and usually associated with the zodiac of Sagittarius

okay, so what happen with this one? why Sachiel looks so cute instead of a bony huge brownish giant with two faces like in the anime/manga series?

back in 2006, Wave corporation collaborate with Yoshizaki Mine, creator of Keroro Gunso created a line of female anthropomorphized / humanoid version of several angels within the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, called teh EVA XX… the ultra cuteness is a sudden kill for me, I bought several angels in an instant…

then, they collaborated once more in order to develop something even diabolical cute by creating a moefication of that EVA XX line, which is this EVA XX nano! line

I’ll review the real form of Sachiel and his EVA XX form later kay…
for now, let’s enjoy the cuteness instead