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Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!!
Shin en ommedettou minna!! \^0^/
May the year of 2011 would bring promises of brighter tomorrows to our life.

a new year always mean something to me…
it’s time to reflect…
it’s time to set new resolutions…
and try our best to achieve those resolutions, but at least we still got one full year to get it over with huh? X D

back to figure life, lot of my friends already set their figure shopping outlook 2011… although I could be considered as a well planed person, but alas ’till now I never create a yearly figure shopping plan
oh well, let just go with the flow ^^’

anyway, have a new fantastic new year filled with new hope, bless, peace and love guys… AMEN!!
Let’s try our best to make it another great year :)