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Santa and the Snowman

LEGO Holiday Seasonal Set #10068 Santa Claus (Bagged)
LEGO Holiday Seasonal Set #10079 Snowman (Bagged)
Manufacturer: Lego

let’s start bringing the holidays spirit into this site!!
Xmas and New Year are just weeks away, and what good is Xmas without SANTA!! yay!!

here’s Santa, in Lego Basic shapes… accompanied by (or maybe making) a Snowman as his companion!!
these two basic sets actually a Seasonal special bagged sets from Lego, there are others Xmas themed basic sets, such as the Christmas Tree (Set #10069) and Rudolph the Reindeer (Set #10070)

hey look!! Santa’s holding a bag in his right hand, let’s hope that his bag is filled with toys for all of us, who already being extra nice this whole years ;) this is a nice ornament addition for the 10068 Santa set, and also Santa looks even more friendly with his left hand waving to us!!

while for the 10079 Snowman, they added a leaf rake for Frosty to hold up, so it looks differ from the other Snowman basic set, the one with the shorter hat

hope something special happens to you, for this is the Christmas Eve!!

Captain’s seaside villa

Lego System 1991
Smuggler’s Shanty – NO 6258

aaarrrghhhh mateeeey, it’s time to parteeeeeyyy
well, pirates still need a seaside villa to rest y’know ^^’

heheh, another “just for fun” shot on one of my earliest Lego set, the Smuggler’s Shanty

the original set came with 3 minifigs; 2 of them are pirates, a boat and a treasure chest plus that favorite Lego’s shark, neat!!
it’s a great choice within the small set category…

for this photo shot, I’ll added some pirates minifigs from the Pirate Mini Figure sets 6251
I’ll talk bout that other set later

here’s the original box image, courtesy of the world’s greatest Lego database: Lugnet
dating back then in 1991 this set is pretty popular and easy to get, nice

Tomica X Lego Minifigs

Toyota Will and Couple of Lego Minifigs

you know those minifigs that Tomica produce to be paired with their Die Cast line?
kinda hard to find here in my country…

then, I improvised by crossing the Minifigs from Lego to be paired with these die cast!! to recreate some diorama or cut scene, as in this one, it should be capturing an event where mechanic is repairing some city folk’s broken car

but I failed miserably ^^’
well, the first thing that went wrong is… the scale difference!!
it could be seen from the pics, that Lego’s minifigs are way to big for the car’s scale

well, just try and learned I guessed…
really should get me some of those Tomica minifigs then

Sailing Solo

Lego System 1991
Renegade’s Raft NO 6234

I’m collecting only the Lego System line, especially the Pirates, Castle and Space series
do have some Lego systems and Bionicle, but only a couple

this one here is my first Lego ever, one of my childhood toys
so, he got the honor to show up first
thanks God he’s still in a good condition, just like the way he was

too bad I lost the box, but here’s one picture to give us a nostalgic memory about those wonderful vintage graphic on Lego’s boxes back then

arrrr mateeeey, where’s that frickin’ shark??