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gliding terror

Green Goblin
Marvel Universe 3 3/4 inch action figure
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin: Marvel Universe

Norman Osborn, one high-tech gadget industrialist who got double personalities: as a businessman and as a crazy psychopath who dressed up in Halloween costume and terrorize the city with pumpkin… yeah right, pumpkin people… but this is no ordinary pumpkin, it’s filled with stuffing…of explosion!!

he’s one of my fav super villains in Marvel comic, and I consider him to be the true arch enemy of Spiderman
if Batman got Joker, Superman got Lex Luthor, surely this one is the true enemy of good ol’ Peter Parker

Green Goblin is not a super villain who got brains only as his weapon, he also got a glider ;p
well yeah, you need a glider to catch up with that swinging spider right…?

anyway, this 3 inch version of the villain is one of the best built character among Hasbro’s 3 inch super heroes!!

what makes this figure great? the costume is comic accurate, the glider is wide and cool enough, the facial expression that just right, and the best one of all IMO is the finishing color… his goblin’s skin/scale colored in a great metallic green, the best one compare to other Green Goblin figures in my collection!! the price is also right, I got mine loose for 20 Sing Dollar with two other main characters, which were Spidey and modern armor Ironman, not baaaad..

then what’s the downer?? okay, the biggest one that I found is that pumpkin!! it looks nothin like a pumpkin!! more like one big ugly onion… aaw c’mon, pumpkin should looks bigger, or at least wider than that!! not like that tall, yellow and thin smiling onion

maybe Hasbro could add one more very interesting yet simple accessories, a transparent display stand base to hold up the glider for a flying effect, so this figure would actually be more PERFECT for everyone ;)

Khonshu’s warrior

Moon Knight
Manufacturer: Toybiz Marvel Legend series XV
Origin: Marvel

definitely he’s not one of those Marvel’s “mainstream superhero”, but I really like the concept on this Egyptian superhero!!

okay, the background story of this character…
Marc Spector, a CIA agent who later become mercenary
one day, he join a mission to Africa in order to search a Pharaoh tomb with his partner. but it turns out to be that his partner is a homicidal maniac who prefer to kill anyone for that mission, so Spector decided to take him down but he failed…
when he was badly injured, his friends lay him to die beneath the Khonshu statue… there he was gifted the power to save his life and avenge his partner by Khonshu, boom!! there you have it! a brand new Egyptian super hero!!

……. sounds cliche you say? well, okay, it does sound like other superhero’s origin… but hey!! how many Egyptian superhero are there?? plus, is there any other superhero who wear an all white cape+mantle with a mystique eerie aura around him??
I’ll say, he is one of his kind!! a great original concept character!

move on to the figure, the figure looks great!
it’s super articulated, come with two weapons as the accessories, nice detailed head area which perfectly covered under a cape, plus with a nice glossy-gray finishing color on his suit
very mysterious indeed…

but the biggest downer for me, just look at his chest area… isn’t that crescent symbol suppose to be put in the middle?? it’s way off to the left in my opinion

there is a color variant of him within this series, the silver suit variant

Bowdown before DOOM

Doctor Doom – Marvel Legend Icons Series (12 inch)
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin: Marvel Universe

Victor von Doom, the one and only super villain with a political immunity, cause he lead that that small European country, the Latveria,sweeeeet…

one of the most favorite villains from the Marvel Universe, Hasbro released him again in a different format bigger han the regular 6 inch

this Icons series stand for 12 inch tall, with a rather nice articulation and great details

the most interesting details about this figure is his cloth cape, the Lugger looks alike gun and the facial details beneath his eyes area of the mask, pretty nice details for a common action figure

but, there are two downer for me, the fist one is the eyes shape on his mask…maybe I’m the one who forget, but doesn’t he has a rectangular eye¬† holes in his mask within the comic and not a rounded cat eyes like?

the second one is his pointy tip of the cape, he looks more like a person wearing DUNCE hat when I displayed him on the corner of my cabinet -_-’

we really should adjust his cape a lot to get the best aura to come out of his head

overall, this one is a nice addition to any super villain fans , especially considering this one is a common figure that could be grab easily in the store’s shelves