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gliding terror

Green Goblin
Marvel Universe 3 3/4 inch action figure
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin: Marvel Universe

Norman Osborn, one high-tech gadget industrialist who got double personalities: as a businessman and as a crazy psychopath who dressed up in Halloween costume and terrorize the city with pumpkin… yeah right, pumpkin people… but this is no ordinary pumpkin, it’s filled with stuffing…of explosion!!

he’s one of my fav super villains in Marvel comic, and I consider him to be the true arch enemy of Spiderman
if Batman got Joker, Superman got Lex Luthor, surely this one is the true enemy of good ol’ Peter Parker

Green Goblin is not a super villain who got brains only as his weapon, he also got a glider ;p
well yeah, you need a glider to catch up with that swinging spider right…?

anyway, this 3 inch version of the villain is one of the best built character among Hasbro’s 3 inch super heroes!!

what makes this figure great? the costume is comic accurate, the glider is wide and cool enough, the facial expression that just right, and the best one of all IMO is the finishing color… his goblin’s skin/scale colored in a great metallic green, the best one compare to other Green Goblin figures in my collection!! the price is also right, I got mine loose for 20 Sing Dollar with two other main characters, which were Spidey and modern armor Ironman, not baaaad..

then what’s the downer?? okay, the biggest one that I found is that pumpkin!! it looks nothin like a pumpkin!! more like one big ugly onion… aaw c’mon, pumpkin should looks bigger, or at least wider than that!! not like that tall, yellow and thin smiling onion

maybe Hasbro could add one more very interesting yet simple accessories, a transparent display stand base to hold up the glider for a flying effect, so this figure would actually be more PERFECT for everyone ;)

silver wolf

Loki / Gaosilver
Ultimate Solid The Dark Heroes 1 – Gashapon
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Super Sentai Gaoranger

you must be strong, fierce and cool looking to be the bad guys…

when Bandai announce that they will release the Dark Heroes characters of their Ultimate Solid line, I jumped of excitement *literary X D

I bet almost all of tokusatsu fans out there must be wishing for a special line dedicated for their bad idols, and here it is

the first line up included Hakkaider, Kamen Rider Ouja, Shadowmoon, Dark Knight and the Gaosilver himself in his wolf form, LOKI!! almost all of the tokusatsu world’s baddies you would wish for, niceeee….

I’ll review the other character later, but right now, here comes Loki!! to tel the truth, I’m not really familiar with this character, but this gashapon design itself really stood up among the other baddies… his terrifying crescent weapon, his bluish black armor plate, his smile and glare… all of those components really announced his identity as the bad guy!!

I really love the design, even beating my fanaticism of Shadowmoon in this first line up… in my opinion, Loki got the best design + pose among the other baddies in this first line up *bravo for making my Shadowmoon looks less charismatic for the guys who sculpted him -_-’

anyway, this wolf form of Gaosilver makes his appearance in the special movie of Gaoranger, watch to movie to love him even more ;)

clear Venom

Venom Paperweight
Clear version SDCC exclusive 2007
Manufacturer: Monogram International Inc.
Origin: Marvel Comics

who doesn’t know Venom…
he’s one of the most famous rival of Spiderman as well as one of the most famous villain in Marvel Universe

originally created by Todd Mc Farlane’s himself, this gooey symbiote already assimilate with the hearts of thousand fans, heheh
one of the most notorious character in Marvel series, but not so evil either, cause sometimes he still try to help people and even fight side by side with Spidey

the most famous host for this symbiote was Eddie Brock, a reporter in Peter Parker’s non superhero daily life, whose live was ruined by “incidentally” by Spiderman, causing his deep hatred to Spiderman over the time being

move on to the figure, or should I say: bust
this bust is the SDCC exclusive paperweight version of Venom created by Monogram, an American company which famous for their novelties gift and products
they already produced several Marvel iconic characters in bust and even full body statue version as paperweights

I missed my first chance to get him on the shelf, sigh…. but later, my girl found another one in her trip to Spore, thanks a lot hun ^^

okay, the thing about this bust is, it looked more like an unpainted or even unfinished version of the original bust, but I still love clear or transparent figure, meh, maybe it’s just me
can’t really complain regarding the details and pose, it’s fair enough… the only thing that annoy me is the head, kinda overly oval shaped IMO
but please keep in mind that this paperweight bust only cost roughly bellow 18 bucks, while the normal price for a bust is around 50 USD to infinity, heheh

so I’ll say, the Paperweight busts line produced by Monogram is a rather nice choice for anyone to start their bust collection, check out the cool looking Captain America and Wolverine in this exact series

note: I scheduled this entry for 25 November 2011 by mistake, so I just back dated this entry
now that’s a really loooong time planning huh ^^’

Clear Spawn

Necroplasm Spawn series 1 – 1997 Retail Exclusive Edition
Manufacturer: Mc Farlanes
Origin: Spawn

Spawn, the legendary hell’s undead superhero!!
do we really have to talk bout his history or bio? I mean, he already well known throughout the universe by becoming one of the most famous comic book character…
if Marvel got their Spiderman, while DC have their Superman and Batman, than Image Comic have Spawn!! it’s somethin like that…

long story short, Albert Simmons was an US Marine Corps member who later joined the CIA. In one of his mission, he was killed and sent to hell. why he was sent to hell?? cause he was a sinner, by becoming an assassins, woah ow… there, he make a contract with Malebolgia, the ruler of hell, who offer him some kind of second chance in return of Al Simmons service by becoming one of his Hellspawn!!

then, a superhero is reborn…from hell…

this Necroplasm version is not the original form of the Spawn, but rather a “limited” repaint from the first Spawn action figure ever released
it comes with couple of accessories, which are the black cape, black plank with a silver nail (that board) and two chains for the belt
nothin differ from the original, except it’s body color is semi transparent green and his eyes are red
the Japanese called this version as the “Clear Spawn”, and the only reason I’ve gave this title for this entry is because I bought this Spawn in one of the hobby shop Den-Den Town Osaka MOC for only 100 yen.. yeah, I can’t even believe it myself-they throw this version away almost for free -_-’
maybe because, IMO this “tend to be limited” figures actually easier to get than the unmasked or the blue version

but it does have a flaw…
the one that I got do have a loose knee joints, it can not stand by itself without being supported by the cape

more Spawn coming up!! until then

Black Sun

Kamen Rider Black
Front-Gashapon version
Back-Trading Figure Hyper Detail (HD) Limited series 2
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Masked Rider Black

he’s Black and he’s back!!
…… retarded opening line?? yeah I know ^^’
Kamen Rider Black is considered to be one of the most famous Kamen Rider series around the world in late 80′s… maybe it’s because the adult,complex and dramatic story or maybe it’s because somethin else…

anyway, here he is again, the Kamen Rider Black!!
we already talk bout his SIC Tamashii version, now we move on to his other figure form: trading figure and gashapon

the one on the back is Hyper Detail (HD) Limited version of Black.
he looks totally amazing!! almost 5 inch tall, nice black glossy finishing paint, superb details-especially on his eyes and those Black’s signature lines!! another good news, he comes with Shadowmoon on this series (I’ll review the Shadowmoon later) and share the same battle pose, better grab both of em!!
the only downer is the figure’s antenna…
it’s small, separated from the head and easily bent or fell off from the head… better take extra precaution when attaching those antennas

as for the one in the front, that is the gashapon version of Black
I’m not really sure what gashapon series he come from, cause I got that one loose for only 100 yen in Capsule Monster Osaka
but still, you just can’t get wrong by getting another Black figure that only cost around one buck, righty o!!
the gashapon version is still nicely detailed, even thought the paint works is kinda messy, but that’s not the main problem… the main problem is that antenna!! just look at them!! oversize antenna for a mini gashapon, ahahahahaw!! X D

Scarlet Magician

Magired – Trading Figure Ranger Strike Solid series 1
Origin: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Manufacturer: Bandai

Mahou Sentai Magiranger or more well known as Magic Squadron Magiranger in US market is a super sentai series for the year 2005

although I’m not a fans of super sentai series, but back then I really dig the concept on this series, which I considered to be really unique…really stand-out among other super sentai theme!!

so the theme for this series is wizardry, or magic to be more precise…
each of the team member, which usually differ in five colors, have their own unique element regarding to the magic basic elements!!
red-> alchemy/fire
yellow-> potions/thunder
blue-> fortune telling/water
pink-> transformation/wind
green-> herb/earth

move on to the trading figure, this Ranger Strike Solid series definitely is one of my favorite trading figure, tamashii has done it again, bravooo!!
there are total of five figure-consist of 3 human characters and 2 robots… as for the characters, there are a variant version for each character, which why I really love this series!! the metallic color!!
that beautiful metallic color, the one we usually could find on any SIC action figure

I don’t know why,but this trading figure series seems to be not very popular here in my country… some of the local store have a big sale on this series… could it be the same happen in Japan?? cause until now they haven’t release the second series/wave yet…

well, a great figure with a great price cause no one want them is a big catch for me! ;)

I’ll review the other human characters soon, the Abaranger and the Vuleagle

Cube Assassin

Azrael Kubrick – Batman Kubrick series
Origin: DC Comic
Manufacturer: Medicom

Azrael is my most favorite DC character
he’s an ultra violent super hero!! and more likely to be a villain than the good guys actually…

Jean Paul Valley is a computer science graduate who been brainwashed by a secret society in order to become one of the deadliest assassin of the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas society…
when his father was killed by a betraying society’s member, he later took the Azrael cloak and seek for revenge, until he crosses path with Batman and decided to fight alongside him
no wonder, these two guys are like two beans in a pod, they both want to avenge their parent’s death

later he’s taking the role as Batman when the original Batman got a terrible backpain thanks to Bane, guess I’ll talk bout that story later in other Azrael figure review then…

this Kubrick come from Batman series Kubrick line, and Azrael is the chase character since he’s not mention in any of the promotional poster or box set cover image
I was lucky to obtain him with regular price… it was just laying there, inside some hobby store showcase!!

until next Azrael short review guys

Khonshu’s warrior

Moon Knight
Manufacturer: Toybiz Marvel Legend series XV
Origin: Marvel

definitely he’s not one of those Marvel’s “mainstream superhero”, but I really like the concept on this Egyptian superhero!!

okay, the background story of this character…
Marc Spector, a CIA agent who later become mercenary
one day, he join a mission to Africa in order to search a Pharaoh tomb with his partner. but it turns out to be that his partner is a homicidal maniac who prefer to kill anyone for that mission, so Spector decided to take him down but he failed…
when he was badly injured, his friends lay him to die beneath the Khonshu statue… there he was gifted the power to save his life and avenge his partner by Khonshu, boom!! there you have it! a brand new Egyptian super hero!!

……. sounds cliche you say? well, okay, it does sound like other superhero’s origin… but hey!! how many Egyptian superhero are there?? plus, is there any other superhero who wear an all white cape+mantle with a mystique eerie aura around him??
I’ll say, he is one of his kind!! a great original concept character!

move on to the figure, the figure looks great!
it’s super articulated, come with two weapons as the accessories, nice detailed head area which perfectly covered under a cape, plus with a nice glossy-gray finishing color on his suit
very mysterious indeed…

but the biggest downer for me, just look at his chest area… isn’t that crescent symbol suppose to be put in the middle?? it’s way off to the left in my opinion

there is a color variant of him within this series, the silver suit variant

Captain’s seaside villa

Lego System 1991
Smuggler’s Shanty – NO 6258

aaarrrghhhh mateeeey, it’s time to parteeeeeyyy
well, pirates still need a seaside villa to rest y’know ^^’

heheh, another “just for fun” shot on one of my earliest Lego set, the Smuggler’s Shanty

the original set came with 3 minifigs; 2 of them are pirates, a boat and a treasure chest plus that favorite Lego’s shark, neat!!
it’s a great choice within the small set category…

for this photo shot, I’ll added some pirates minifigs from the Pirate Mini Figure sets 6251
I’ll talk bout that other set later

here’s the original box image, courtesy of the world’s greatest Lego database: Lugnet
dating back then in 1991 this set is pretty popular and easy to get, nice

Rei’s cockpit

Rei Ayanami (Cockpit) – Evangelion vol.2 collection Trading Figure
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin: Neon Genesis Evangelion

it’s not one of the best Rei trading figure ever released, her face looks kinda weird, too sharp and skinny in my opinion… and her lips, she looked like a ten year old playing with her mom’s extremely red lipstick -_-’
but, back then, it’s my only refugees to own a Rei figure, in plugsuit and complete with the cockpit replica!!

beside the resin kit, this one is the only available Rei figure in her cockpit back then, so I just grabbed one when a store selling this figure as a separate figure from the series
the cockpit’s details are not so bad… pretty perfect for a small trading figure, and really well-suit the size of Rei body, neat…