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another CRAZY year end-2010

really sorry for the late update guys, it’s been another SUPER BUSY year end at the office… not really sure why, but every year end is an ultra busy month for a full time researcher like me

I know,I know…year end is the end of company’s fiscal year, thus we need to complete all tasks or projects within that year… BUT!! I always manage to finish mine before December for most of the time… still, new jobs just keep comin’ even thought it’s supposed to end

oh well, better just keep movin on…
to tell the truth, I actually LOVE working… but then,as my girl always told me, some part of my personal life became abandoned, heheh… and my internet social life is no exception, already abandoned this site for like a month!!

really sorry, I’ll try to keep up again starting today guys!!
oh yeah, Xmas is coming!! I’ll post some winter and Xmas related stuff then…

this year’s December is one of the coldest one… that blizzard in Europe in the beginning of the month, it’s snowing in the middle of summer in Australia right now, and even my office here in Jakarta got some technical trouble with the air conditioner, thus making us freeze these weeks :(
hahah, enough for the two cents, here comes the figure again!!